Percy Fraser Pimm (22 October 1861 - February 1963)

Early LifeEdit

Percy Fraser Pimm was born on 22 October 1861 in Camberwell, Surrey. His parents were George Pimm (1818-1885), the son of George and Anne Pimm; and Elizabeth Mary Fraser (1831-1909), the daughter of Michael and Elizabeth Fraser.

Marriage and ChildrenEdit

In 1887 in Cannock, Staffordshire Percy Fraser Pimm married Mary Annie Woodhouse (October 1859-?). They had the following children:

  • Hilda Mary Pimm (January 1888-?) born in Wandsworth, Surrey
  • Henry G Pimm (1 January 1893-August 1977) born in Maryland
  • Percy F Pimm (17 November 1898-February 1979) born in New York

Henry Pimm, his wife Annie (1897-?) and daughter Alice (born 1918) lived with Percy and Mary.

Later LifeEdit

Percy worked as a miller with his father in England. When he moved to the United States in 1890 he found work as a real estate agent. Percy became a naturalized United States citizen in 1932. Percy Fraser Pimm passed away in February 1963 aged one-hundred-and-one.