Vital StatisticsEdit


Persis Duty was married to Platt Rogers Spencer - who was a famous educator and is credited as being the originator of Spencerian penmanship, a popular system of cursive handwriting.

Spencer then taught in New York and Ohio, and, in 1832, he became a total abstainer, and was, as he believed, the first public advocate in the United States of that principle, for which he labored for the remainder of his life. Soon after his reformation, he was elected to public office, and was county treasurer for twelve years. He was instrumental in collecting the early history of Ashtabula County, and was deeply interested in American history. He engaged actively in anti-slavery movements and was an advocate of universal liberty.

Children of Platt and Persis SpencerEdit

  1. Spencer F Spencer (1826-?)
  2. Robert Clossen Spencer (1829-1916)
  3. Henry Harvey Spencer (1834-)
  4. Sara Louisa Spencer (1836-)
  5. Platt Rogers Spencer (1838-)
  6. Henry Caleb Spencer (1840-)
  7. Harvey Alden Spencer (1842-)
  8. Lyman Potter Spencer (1844-)
  9. Phebe Jerusha Spencer (1846-)
  10. Julia Mandana Spencer (1848-)
  11. Persis Ellen Spencer (1850-1936)
  12. Emma Louisa Spencer (1852-)