daughter - b. 8-Jan-1815 in Oxford, MA; in 1837 Married to Hiram Kenney (1814-1892) who was born 30-Dec-1814 in Millbury. No Children.

  • Daughter of Sally Snow (1786-1875) and Paul Livermore (1783-1869)
  • 1880 US Census - Hiram and Persis living in Millbury, Worcester, Mass. Ocp: Wheelwright. Both age 65.
  • 1870 US Census - same info
  • 1860 US Census - same info
  • 1850 US Census - same info
  • 1865 Massachusetts State Census - same info.
  • 1855 Massachusetts State Census - same info.
  • Millbury birth record for Hiram Kenney, son of Asa and Sophia Kenney.
  • Died Record for Hiram Kenney - 06-Dec-1892 at Millbury, MA - already widowed.
  • Died Record for Persis Livermore - 20-Sept 1891 at Millbury MA.

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