Peter Campbell McIntosh (c1803-1874)

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Peter Campbell McIntosh 
Birth: 1803 Perthshire, Scotland, United Kingdom
Baptism: 1 December 1803 Lethendy and Kinloch, Perthshire, Scotland, United Kingdom
Death: 1 September 1874 Tamworth, New South Wales, Australia
Remains: 1 September 1874 Wallabadah, New South Wales, Australia
Wedding: 13 January 1828 Blairgowrie and Rattray, Perthshire, Scotland, United Kingdom
Sex: Male Icon
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Peter Campbell McIntosh was born circa 1803 in Perthshire, Scotland, United Kingdom and died 1 September 1874 at "Rose Bank", Walabadah Creek in Tamworth, New South Wales, Australia of unspecified causes. He married Margaret Johnston (c1803-?) 13 January 1828 in Blairgowrie and Rattray, Perthshire, Scotland, United Kingdom.


Offspring of Peter Campbell McIntosh and Margaret Johnston (c1803-?)
Name Birth Death Joined with
Jane Stewart McIntosh (1829-c1904) 26 December 1829 Alyth, Perthshire, Scotland, United Kingdom 16 June 1904 Walcha, New South Wales, Australia Joseph Partridge (1823-1898)

Charles Henry McIntosh (1840-1881)
Catherine Emelina McIntosh (1842-1917) 26 December 1842 Raymond Terrace, New South Wales, Australia 16 September 1917 Walcha, New South Wales, Australia Stephen William Partridge (1829-1918)

James McIntosh (?-1886)
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Jane Stewart McIntosh (1829-1904), Charles Henry McIntosh (1840-1881), Catherine Emelina McIntosh (1842-1917), James McIntosh (?-1886) Charles Stephen Partridge (1853-1921), Margaret Jane Partridge (1854-?), Joseph T Partridge (c1856-1924), George Sydney Partridge (c1858-1890), Henry James Partridge (1861-1946), Peter Augustus Partridge (1863-1939), Victoria Alberta Partridge (c1865-1943), Beatrice May Partridge (c1867-1933), Alice Emmaline Partridge (c1869-1956), Edward Albert Partridge (c1871-1879), Ada Christina Partridge (c1876-1947), Unnamed Partridge (c1884-?), Alice J Partridge (c1886-?), , Sarah Jane Partridge (1858-1949), Richard John Partridge (1859-1950), Rachel Frances Partridge (1861-1925), Leonard Stephen Partridge (1864-1952), Alexander J T Partridge (1866-1878), Agnes Elizabeth W Partridge (1868-1953), Arthur William Partridge (1870-1951), Alfred James Partridge (1871-1874), Susan Augusta Partridge (1873-1957), Margaret Catherine Partridge (1876-1931), Emma A Partridge (1876-?), Eva Izetta Partridge (1879-c1962), Mary Ann Partridge (1882-1944), Lily Partridge (1884-1884), Joseph Charles Partridge (1880-1949), , , Ellen Jane Partridge (c1882-c1951), Percival Joseph Partridge (1883-1955), Ethel Adele Partridge (1885-1975), Ernest James Partridge (c1890-1961), Unnamed Partridge (1885-1885), Unnamed Partridge (1886-1886), Ethel May Partridge (1887-1965), Unnamed Partridge (1889-1889), Harold Henry Partridge (1890-1966), Albert Edward Partridge (1892-1956), Mildred Millicent Partridge (1894-1950), Alice P Partridge (1896-?), Elsie R Partridge (1898-?), Stanley Partridge (1901-?), George C Partridge (1909-?), Charlotte A Partridge (1895), Eva A Partridge (1897), Eva I Partridge (1899), , Constance Gertrude Partridge (1887-1970), , , , , , Charles Stephen Burley (1881-1970), Rachel Elizabeth Burley (1883-1963), Sarah Jane Burley (1885-?), Mary Annie Burley (1887-?), Minnie Edith Burley (1889-?), Rebecca Louisa Burley (1890-?), John Frederick Burley (1892-1967), Margaret Catherine Burley (1894-?), Alfred William Partridge (1882-1945), Richard John Partridge (c1883-1966), Sarah Catherine Partridge (c1885-1950), William Partridge (c1887-?), Ernest Albert Partridge (1889-1942), Arthur Partridge (1891-c1970), Alexander S Partridge (1893-?), William Partridge (1894-?), George Edward Partridge (1896-1984), Annie M Partridge (1898-1934), Rachel Emma Partridge (1900-?), William Henry Hogno (c1887-c1953), Mary Ann Elizabeth Hogno (1888-1976), Rachel Frances Hogno (1890-1960), Catherine Agnes Hogno (1892-c1956), Walter James Hogno (1894-1968), Charlotte Amelia Hogno (1895-c1975), Cecil Earnest Hogno (1897-c1978), Arthur E Hogno (1900-c1901), Richard John Hogno (1902-c1974), Wilfred Stephen Hogno (1903-1982), Gladys M Hogno (1906-?), Arthur James Partridge (c1887-c1972), William John Partridge (c1889-c1962), Emily Partridge (1891-1974), Leonard Claude Partridge (c1893-c1970), Edith Catherine Partridge (c1895-c1973), Herbert Charles Partridge (c1897-1971), Pearl I Partridge (c1899), Harriet M Partridge (c1901), Norman H Partridge (c1902-1902), Robert Stephen Partridge (1903-c1978), Albert E Partridge (c1906), Helen E Partridge (c1908), Olive May Partridge (c1910-c1978), Cyril H Partridge (c1912), , Eliza E Dunn (c1886-?), James Dunn (c1889-c1969), Arthur William Dunn (c1891-c1975), Margaret A Dunn (c1894-c1894), Samuel Stephen Dunn (c1895-c1977), Charlotte A Dunn (c1898-?), Patrick Thomas Dunn (c1900-c1973), Annie S Dunn (c1902-?), Allan L Dunn (c1905-?), Albert J Dunn (c1907-c1908), Muriel Grace Partridge (1898-1965), Jessie H Partridge (1899-?), Ivy Partridge (1900-1963), William Stephen Partridge (1902-1949), Jean Partridge (1904-1947), Samuel A Partridge (1905-?), Nellie Partridge (1908-1961), Frank Partridge (1910-?), Hazel Hope Partridge (1915-c1998), , Lilly A W Partridge (1893-?), Stella M G Sucker (c1905-?), , , Olive M Brown (c1903-?), George Leslie Stephen Brown (c1906-1987),

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