Peter Heinrich August von Salviati was born 26 March 1786 in Berlin, Germany to Carl Benjamin Salviati (1751-1803) and Helene Anna Wilhelmina Culeman (1759-1835) and died 14 February 1856 in Weimar, Germany of unspecified causes. He married Marie Dorothee Caroline Rahlenbeck (1802-1871) 22 February 1823 in Brussels, Belgium.


Offspring of Peter Heinrich August von Salviati and Marie Dorothee Caroline Rahlenbeck (1802-1871)
Name Birth Death Joined with
Alexander Karl Wilhelm Heinrich Julius von Salviati (1827-1881)
Juliana Augusta Henriette von Salviati (1832-1892) 21 November 1834 Stuttgart, Baden-Württemberg, Germany 25 March 1892 Stuttgart, Baden-Württemberg, Germany Charles Frederick Rocheid (1831-1864)
Julius Ernst Hermann von den Bussche Haddenhausen (1827-1882)

Noteworthy descendants include

  1. Willem-Alexander van Oranje-Nassau (1967)

Footnotes (including sources)

‡ General
  • Heinrich von Salviati at Genealogics
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  • AWT:db: robgomes, id: I44322 — no longer available

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