Peter Zack Geer, Jr. (August 24, 1927 - January 5, 1997) was an attorney, politican and Lieutenant Governor of Georgia from 1963 to 1967 under Governor Carl Edward Sanders (1925). A native of Colquitt, Miller County, Georgia, Geer was the son of Peter Zack Geer,Sr. (1900-1951) and Juanita Rawlings (1906-2002). His grandfather, William Idus Geer (1872-1939) had served as a representative in the Georgia General Assembly.

A 1951 graduate of Mercer University Walter F. George School of Law, Geer married four times; first, to Carol Volk , they had a daughter Carol Geer Freitas (b. 1949) and, third, to Corrine Carlton, they had a son Peter Zack Geer, III in 1972.

After leaving office, Geer returned to his law practice and, in 1973, prosecuted four men accused of murdering six members of the Alday family in Seminole County, Georgia. Geer obtained convictions and death sentences for the three principal defendants, although the convictions were later overturned due to pre-trial publicity which was held to have unduly prejudiced the jury. Geer died of in Colquitt, Georgia and was buried Colquitt City Cemetery, Miller County, Georgia.


Four Generation Pedigree
Peter Zach Geer, Jr. Peter Zach Geer (1900-1951) William Idus Geer (1872-1939) Peter Franklin Marion Geer (c1838-1884)
Caroline Elizabeth Minnie Blocker (1844-1884)
Ada Cordelia Dancer (1880-1910) William Richard Dancer (1839-1901
Mary Jane Clifton (1846-1931)
Juanita Rawlings (1906-2002) Ezekiel Wimberly Rawlings (1871-1955) Unknown Rawlings
Hattie Alice Bush (1887-1957) James A. Bush (1855-1940)
Laura Ann Kimbrel (1860-1953)