1880 CensusEdit

Phebe appears in the household of her husband in the 1880 census of Manhattan. The household was listed as follows:

  • Henry W. JACKSON Self M Male W 46 NY Cartman NY NY
  • Phebe E. JACKSON Wife M Female W 42 NY Keeping House NY NY
  • Richard JACKSON Son S Male W 20 NY Cartman NY NY
  • Annie S. JACKSON Dau S Female W 17 NY At Home NY NY
  • Ida L. JACKSON Dau S Female W 7 NY At School NY NY
  • Carrie H. JACKSON Dau S Female W 5 NY NY NY
  • Willis TOWNSEND C. BroL M Male W 66 NY Retired Farmer NY NY
  • Mary S. TOWNSEND C. SisterL M Female W 56 NY Boarder NY NY
  • Jacob J. TOWNSEND Nephew S Male W 30 NY Boarder NY NY
  • Hannah JUDD Other S Female B 40 NY Servant NY NY

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