DOB: 31 Dec 1766
POB: Raritan, NJ
DOD: 19 Jul 1821 Some tertiary sources give Feb 1822; Will is dated 17 July 1821.
POD: Madison Co OH
Burial: Lower Glade Cemetery, Madison Co Ohio
Spouse: Joseph Melvin (1764-1817)
DOM: 18 Aug 1785
POM: Berkeley Co, WV
Father: Benjamin Van Vechten (1735-c1795) Surname commonly given in several variants, including Van Vechten, Van Vactor, Van Actor. The core name appears to be a toponymic byname "van Vechten" (of Vechten, Holland) used by immigrant ancestor.




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Notes in the files of Thurston Leroy Willis (1913-1991) include the following undated transcription of the will of "Phebe Melvin". The specific source document is not given, but is presumed to be court records for Madison Co. Ohio. Note the punctuation and capitalization (or lack thereof) is the same as provided in the transcription, and apparently reflects the original.

In the name of God, amen, I Phebe Melvin of Mdison County and state of Ohio being sick and near to death but of sound mind and membory do make and sonstitute this my Last will and testament in the manner and form as follows (tro)....first of all I recommend my soul to god who gave it, secondl my will is that all my just debts and funeral charges be paid by my Executor thirdly my will is that my daughter sarah taylor hone one cow towit the cow that has her horns sawed off and the calf belonging to said cow my will is that it belong to my Grand daughter, fourthly my will is that all the remainedr of my estate that I hold in the county and state aforesaid belong to my daughter Jane H Melvin when she comes of age provided she the said Jane H Melvin asigns her rights of the real estate away to John Melvin, Joseph Melvin, and Thomas Melvin the Legal representatives of Joseph Melvin deceased, fifthly I appoint my son John Melvin my Executor to this my Last will and testament in tetamony whereoff I hereby set my hand and seal this 17th day of July in the year of our Lord 1821 in the presence of

  • Wm Erwin
  • Wm Cokins
  • Jams Tayer

Phebe (her mark) Melvin



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