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Philip II Capet-Anjou of Taranto, Prince of Achaea, Prince of Taranto, was born 1329 to Philip I of Taranto (1278-1331) and Catherine II de Valois (1303-1346) and died 25 November 1374 of unspecified causes. He married Maria of Naples (1329-1366) 4 September 1355 . He married Elizabeth of Slavonia (1352-bef1380) 20 October 1370 . Notable ancestors include Charlemagne (747-814), Alfred the Great (849-899), Henry II of England (1133-1189), William I of England (1027-1087), Hugh Capet (c940-996), Rurik (c832-879). Ancestors are from Spain, Germany, France, the United Kingdom, Russia, Ukraine, Hungary, Portugal, Belgium, the Netherlands, Belarus, the Byzantine Empire, Italy.



Offspring of Philip II of Taranto and Maria of Naples (1329-1366)
Name Birth Death Joined with
Philip of Taranto (1356-1356)
Charles of Taranto (1358-1358)
Philip of Taranto (1360-1360)
Child of Taranto (1362-1362)
Child of Taranto (1366-1366)

Offspring of Philip II of Taranto and Elizabeth of Slavonia (1352-bef1380)
Name Birth Death Joined with
Philip of Taranto (1371-1371)

Namesakes of Philip II of Taranto (1329-1374)

  Birth place Death place Father Mother Joined with
Philip III of Navarre (1306-1343) Paris Louis Capet (1276-1319) Marguerite d'Artois (1285-1311) Joan II of Navarre (1312-1349)
Philip I of France (1052-1108) Melun Henry I of France (1008-1060) Anne of Kiev (c1028-1075) Bertha van Holland (c1058-1094)+Bertrade de Montfort (c1059-1117)
Philip I of Taranto (1278-1331) Naples Charles II of Naples (1254-1309) Maria of Hungary (c1257-1325) Thamar Angelina Komnene (c1275-aft1309) + Catherine II de Valois (1303-1346)
Philip IV Capet (1268-1314) Fontainebleau, Île-de-France, France Fontainebleau, Île-de-France, France Philippe III Capet (1245-1285) Isabella of Aragon (1247-1271) Joan I of Navarre (1271-1305)
Philip II of Taranto (1329-1374) Philip I of Taranto (1278-1331) Catherine II de Valois (1303-1346) Maria of Naples (1329-1366) + Elizabeth of Slavonia (1352-bef1380)
Philip V Capet (c1292-1322) Philip IV Capet (1268-1314) Joan I of Navarre (1271-1305) Jeanne de Bourgogne (1292-1330)
Philip II of Nevers (1389-1415) Villaines-en-Duesmois Azincourt Philip of Burgundy (1342-1404) Margaret III of Flanders (1348-1405) Isabelle de Coucy (?-1411) + Bonne d'Artois (c1396-1425)
Philip VI de Valois (1293-1350) Charles de Valois (1270-1325) Marguerite d'Anjou et Maine (1274-1299) Jeanne de Bourgogne (1293-1348)+Blanche of Navarre (1331-1398)
John II of Nevers (bef1415-1491) Philip II of Nevers (1389-1415) Bonne d'Artois (c1396-1425) Jacqueline d'Ailly + Pauline de Brosse (c1450-1479) + Françoise d'Albret (c1454-1521)
Philip V of Spain (1683-1746) Louis of France (1661-1711) Maria Anna von Bayern (1660-1690) Maria Louise de Savoie (1688-1714) + Elisabetta Farnese di Parma (1692-1766)

Common ancestors of Philip II of Taranto (1329-1374) and Maria of Naples (1329-1366)

  1. Andrew II of Hungary (c1177-1235)
  2. Blanca of Castile (1188-1252)
  3. Béatrice de Provence (1231-1267)
  4. Béatrice de Savoie (1205-1266)
  5. Béatrix de Savoie (1198-1266)
  6. Béla IV of Hungary (1206-1270)
  7. Charles Capet (1226-1285)
  8. Charles II of Naples (1254-1309)
  9. Charles de Valois (1270-1325)
  10. Isabella of Aragon (1247-1271)
  11. Jaime I de Aragón (1208-1276)
  12. Louis IX Capet (1214-1270)
  13. Louis VIII Capet (1187-1226)
  14. Marguerite de Provence (1221-1295)
  15. Maria of Hungary (c1257-1325)
  16. Pedro II de Aragón (1174-1213)
  17. Philippe III Capet (1245-1285)
  18. Ramon Berenguer IV de Provence (1195-1245)
  19. Stephen V of Hungary (bef1239-1272)
  20. Violant of Hungary (c1216-1253)
  21. Yolande de Courtenay (1200-1233)

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