Philip Jean
Birth: bef 1752
Death: Sept 13, 1731
Father: unk
Mother: unk
Spouse/Partner: Mourning Seymore

Philip Jean (Geane) was in Chatham County before 1772, when he appeared on a Militia List. Philip worked on the plantation of Burrell Williams. He married Mourning Seymore (daughter of Thomas Seymore) about 1775. They had three children, William, John and Mary. Philip died on September 13, 1781, in the Battle at Lindley's Mill (sometimes called Battle of Cain Creek)in Orange County, NC (now Alamance County). According to numerous statements in the pension application filed by his son William, on behalf of his mother, Philip was the first to "fall" in the battle. One statement from an eye witness on the battlefield the next day, said it was obvious from where he lay he was the first to be cut down by the tories.

Mourning along with Philip's brother Jesse went the next day to get his body but found it had already been buried by the Quakers in the area. It is presumed he was buried in the mass grave on the site.

The pension was denied. It was read as Philip Grane instead of Philip Geane (and is still filed as Grane). Many of William Gean's neighbors testified to Philip's service, and records (pertaining to the pension) in Chatham County Court clearly read Gean.

Mourning died about July 7. 1838 while living with Philip's kin (cousin?) Bird Gean. His son John moved to Hickman County, TN, then on to Graves County, KY. William died in Chatham County in 1850 and Mary had died sometime prior to the pension application being filed. John did not stay in contact with his family, as it was presumed that he was dead at the time the application was filed.


Name Birth Death
Children of Philip and Mourning Jean

William abt 1776
Chatham County, NC
Feb 1850
Chatham County, NC

Mary abt 1777
Chatham County, NC
bef 1846

John abt 1780
Chatham County, NC
bef 1870
Graves County, KY