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Four or more generations of descendants of Philippa Neville (c1386-c1453) if they are properly linked:
1. Philippa Neville (c1386-c1453)

2. Elizabeth Dacre (c1408-1485)
2. Thomas Dacre (c1410-c1457)
2. Randolph Dacre, 9th Baron Dacre of Gillesland (c1412-1461)
2. Richard Dacre (-)
2. George Dacre (-)
2. John Dacre (-)
2. Joan Dacre (c1418-bef1455)
3. John Clifford, 9th Baron de Clifford (1435-1461)
4. Henry Clifford, 10th Baron de Clifford (1454-1524)
5. Eleanor Clifford (c1489-1540) (more)
5. Mabel Clifford (c1492-1550) (more)
5. Henry Clifford, 1st Earl of Cumberland (c1493-1542) (more)
5. Margaret Clifford (c1500-1550) (more)
5. Thomas Clifford (c1502-1543) (more)
5. Anne Clifford (c1487-) (more)
5. Elizabeth Clifford (c1491-) (more)
5. Edward Clifton (c1495-) (more)
5. Joan Clifford (c1501-) (more)
5. Mary Clifford (c1503-) (more)
5. Dorothy Clifford (c1512-1562) (more)
4. Richard Clifford (c1458-1503)
4. Elizabeth Clifford (c1456-)
4. Thomas Clifford (c1460-)
4. Mary Clifford (c1461-)
3. Robert Clifford (c1437-1485)
3. Thomas Clifford (c1439-c1520)
3. Elizabeth Clifford (c1441-1461)
4. Elizabeth Plumpton (c1455-1507)
5. Henry Sothill (c1476-1506) (more)
4. Margaret Plumpton (c1458-?)
3. Maud Clifford (c1442-aft1491)
3. Margaret Clifford (c1446-1566)
3. Roger Clifford (c1448-1508)
3. Anne Clifford (c1449-?)
3. Joan Clifford (c1452-?)
2. Humphrey Dacre, 1st Baron Dacre of Gillesland (c1420-1485)
3. Thomas Dacre, 2nd Baron Dacre of Gillesland (1467-1525)
4. Mable Dacre (c1490-c1533)
5. Henry Scrope (c1503-1525) (more)
5. Richard Scrope (c1508-1525) (more)
5. John Scrope, 8th Baron Scrope of Bolton (c1510-1549) (more)
5. Anne Scrope (c1514-?) (more)
5. Elizabeth Scrope (?-?) (more)
4. William Dacre, 3rd Baron Dacre of Gisland (1500-1563)
5. Anne Dacre (c1521-1581) (more)
5. Thomas Dacre, 4th Baron Dacre of Gilsland (c1527-1566) (more)
5. Leonard Dacre (-1573) (more)
5. Magdalena Dacre (c1532-1608) (more)
4. Anne Dacre (c1500-c1548)
4. Mary Dacre (c1502-1538)
5. George Talbot, 6th Earl of Shrewsbury (1528-1590) (more)
5. Anne Talbot (more)
5. Thomas Talbot (more)
4. Jane Dacre (?-?)
4. Humphrey Dacre (?-?)
4. Elizabeth Dacre (?-?)
3. Elizabeth Dacre (c1475-?)
3. Catherine Dacre (c1485-c1527)
3. Christopher Dacre (?-?)
3. Phillip Dacre (?-?)
3. Anne Dacre (c1485-?)
2. Isabella Dacre (c1422-c1459)
2. Margaret Dacre (c1424-aft1452)

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