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Philippe Capet, King of the Franks, was born 29 August 1116 to Louis VI of France (1081-1137) and Adèle de Savoie (1092-1154) and died 13 October 1131 in Paris of unspecified causes. Notable ancestors include Charlemagne (747-814), Rurik (c832-879), Alfred the Great (849-899), Hugh Capet (c940-996). Ancestors are from France, Germany, Russia, Ukraine, Belgium, the United Kingdom, Italy.

Namesakes of Philippe Capet (1116-1131)

  Birth place Death place Father Mother Joined with
Philippe de Bourgogne (1346-1361) Philippe de Bourgogne (1323-1346) Jeanne I d'Auvergne (1326-1360) Margaret III of Flanders (1348-1405)
Philippe III Capet (1245-1285) Poissy, Île-de-France, France Perpignan, Languedoc-Roussillon, France Louis IX Capet (1214-1270) Marguerite de Provence (1221-1295) Isabella of Aragon (1247-1271)+Maria van Brabant (1256-1321)
Philippe de Courtenay (1243-1283) Constantinople Viterbo Baudouin II de Courtenay (1218-1273) Marie de Brienne (1225-1275) Beatrice of Naples (1252-1275)
Philippe I of Orléans (1640-1701) Louis XIII of France (1601-1643) Anna Maria Mauricia of Spain (1601-1666) Henrietta Anne Stuart (1644-1670) + Elisabeth Charlotte von der Pfalz (1652-1722)
Philippe I d'Artois (1358-1397) Micalizo Jean d'Artois (1321-1387) Isabeau de Mélun (1328-1389) Marie de Berry (1370-1434)
Philippe II of Orléans (1674-1723) Château de Saint Cloud, France Palace of Versailles, France Philippe I of Orléans (1640-1701) Elisabeth Charlotte von der Pfalz (1652-1722) Françoise-Marie de Bourbon (1677-1749)
Philippe d'Artois (1269-1298) Robert II d'Artois (1250-1302) Amicie de Courtenay (1250-1275) Blanche de Bretagne (1270-1327)
Philippe I Hurepel (1201-1235) Philip II of France (1165-1223) Agnes von Andechs (c1180-1201) Mafalda de Dammartin (c1202-c1258)
Philippe de Bourgogne (1323-1346) Aiguillon, France Eudes IV de Bourgogne (1295-1350) Jeanne Capet (1308-1349) Jeanne I d'Auvergne (1326-1360)
Philippe Capet (1116-1131) Paris Louis VI of France (1081-1137) Adèle de Savoie (1092-1154)
Philippe de Paris (1838-1894) Ferdinand Philippe of Orléans (1810-1842) Helene zu Mecklenburg (1814-1858) Maria Isabel of Orléans (1848-1919)

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