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Pieter Korver was born October 1805 in Blokker, North Holland, Netherlands to Simon Korver (1776-1840) and Antje Maurits (1781-1858) and died 31 December 1894 in Hauwert, North Holland, Netherlands of unspecified causes. He married Dieuwertje Aker (1814-1852) 1 April 1838 in Nibbixwoud, North Holland, Netherlands. Ancestors are from the Netherlands.

Only two of Pieter's ten children reached adulthood. He has no grandchildren.


Offspring of Pieter Korver and Dieuwertje Aker (1814-1852)
Name Birth Death Joined with
Antje Korver (1839-1839)
Jan Korver (1839-1839)
Antje Korver (1840-1896)
Jan Korver (1842-1843)
Simon Korver (1844-1846)
Jan Korver (1846-1846)
Simon Korver (1846-1846)
Simon Korver (1847-1858)
Maartje Korver (1849-1917)
Jan Korver (1852-1852)

Namesakes of Pieter Korver (1805-1894)

  Birth place Death place Father Mother Joined with
Pieter Cornelisz Korver (17th century) Netherlands Netherlands Cornelis Balthusz (-c1714) Trijntje Korver (-c1695) Maartje Ariens (-)
Pieter Korver (1809-1838) Schagen, North Holland, Netherlands Schagen, North Holland, Netherlands Jan Korver (1764-?) Maartje Frans Mak (?-1823) Neeltje Heddes (1813-1879)
Pieter Korver (c1657-1711) Oterleek, Netherlands Simon Korver (c1615-) Aecht Jacobs (?-?) Lijsbeth Joppes (?-1689)+Trijntje Jans Koenis (?-?)
Pieter Korver (1808-1895) Blokker, North Holland, Netherlands Zwaag, North Holland, Netherlands Jacob Korver (1761-?) Geertje Rens Hartog (?-?) Geertje Dol (1819-1902)
Pieter Korver (c1590-c1658) Oterleek, North Holland, Netherlands Wouter Korver (?-?)
Pieter Korver (1797-1852) Benningbroek Benningbroek Klaas Korver (1766-1843) Guurtje Jans Floor (1772-1833) Jannetje Jans Sneek (1804-1859)
Pieter Korver (?-?) Netherlands Netherlands
Pieter Korver (1805-1894) Blokker, North Holland, Netherlands Hauwert, North Holland, Netherlands Simon Korver (1776-1840) Antje Maurits (1781-1858) Dieuwertje Aker (1814-1852)
Pieter Korver (c1580-1647) Alkmaar, Netherlands Alkmaar, Netherlands Jan Korver (c1540-?) Aecht Sijmons (?-?) NN Dirks (?-?)+Anna Willems van Goorl (?-?)
Pieter Korver (1817-1870) Akersloot, North Holland, Netherlands Alkmaar, North Holland, Netherlands Adrianus Korver (1788-1846) Lijsbeth Schuitenmaker (1789-1847) Bregje van Schagen (1817-1856)+Aaltje Hendriks Schilder (1824-1875)
Pieter Korver (?-1697) Netherlands Netherlands Dirk Korver (?-?) Ariaen Pieters (?-c1660) Reynoud Jans (?-?)
Pieter Korver (1736-1795) Wognum, Netherlands Benningbroek, Netherlands Jacob Korver (1700-1768) Maartje Jans (?-?) Geertje Klaas Broers (?-1804)

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