Pieter Laan was born 1620 in Noorddijk, North Holland, Netherlands to Adriaen Laan (c1595-) and Neeltje IJsbrandts (c1600-aft1625) and died circa 1687 in Wervershoof of unspecified causes. He married Trijntje Jans (c1625-bef1687) 15 January 1645 in Wervershoof, North Holland, Netherlands. Ancestors are from the Netherlands.


Offspring of Pieter Laan and Trijntje Jans (c1625-bef1687)
Name Birth Death Joined with
Tecla Laan (1645-)
Adrianus Laan (1647-?)
Walburgis Laan (1649-1716) 2 March 1649 Krimpen 17 April 1716 Wervershoof Jan Egges (1643-1695)
Arjen Olfertsz (1640-aft1698)

Eduarda Laan (1650-)
IJsbrandt Laan (1652-1719) 4 September 1652 Krimpen 2 October 1719 Wervershoof Eth Louwes (1657-1727)

Cornelius Koopman (1654-1694)
Margaretha Laan (1655-)
Eva Laan (1657-1657)
Eva Laan (1658-)
Leonardus Laan (1660-bef1662)
Leonardus Laan (1662-)
Maria Laan (1664-bef1667)
Joannes Laan (1666-)
Maria Laan (1667-bef1669)
Marij Laan (1669-aft1705) 10 May 1669 Krimpen 1705 Wervershoof Jacob Pietersz
Dirk Struijver (1665-1728)

Namesakes of Pieter Laan (c1620-bef1686)

 Birth placeDeath placeFatherMotherJoined with
Pieter Laan (1736-1811)Wervershoof, North Holland, NetherlandsWervershoof, North Holland, NetherlandsPieter Laan (1713-c1779)Sijtje Swart (1712-1783)Marie in 't Veld (1727-1812)
Pieter Laan (1832-1873)Venhuizen, North Holland, NetherlandsAndijk, North Holland, NetherlandsJacob Laan (1793-1879)Diewertje Snip (1805-1879)Antje Spekken (1833-1868)
Pieter Laan (1770-1838)Andijk, North Holland, NetherlandsBinnewijzend, Westwoud, North Holland, NetherlandsArien Laan (1742-1783)Aafje Schouten (1743-1813)Geertje Roozendaal (1770-1821) + Aagje Ootes (1771-1835)
Pieter Laan (c1620-bef1686)Noorddijk, North Holland, NetherlandsWervershoofAdriaen Laan (c1595-)Neeltje IJsbrandts (c1600-aft1625)Trijntje Jans (c1625-bef1687)
Pieter Laan (1688-1732)WervershoofWervershoofJan Egges (1643-1695)Walburgis Laan (1649-1716)Geertje Joachims (-1754)
Pieter Laan (1713-c1779)Wervershoof, North Holland, NetherlandsWervershoof, North Holland, NetherlandsPieter Laan (1688-1732)Geertje Joachims (-1754)Sijtje Swart (1712-1783)

Footnotes (including sources)

‡ General

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