This is a (very) incomplete list of pioneer forts used by settlers in the United States during the westwards expansion. There is a need to expand this list to make it comprehensive, and to create individual articles about individual forts.

Fort StateCountyLocation Year established
Fort Southwest Point TN Roane County Kingston, 1794
McTEER's FortTNBlountone-half miles south of Eusebia Church.
John CRAIG'S FortTNBlountsituated on the present site of Maryville, near where the depot now is;
David CRAIG's FortTNBlount near Brick Mill;
HOUSTON's FortTNBlountabout six miles south of Maryville;
KELLY's FortTNBlountnear Rockford;
KIRK's FortTNBlounton Little River, a few miles above KELLY's;
THOMAS' FortTNBlountabout three and one-half miles southeast of Maryville;
MARTIN's FortTNBlount at SANDERSON's Mill, on Nails Creek;
HUNTER's FortTNBlounton Nine Mile Creek;
HENRY's FortTNBlounton Little River; 1790
HENRY's StationTNBlounton US 4411792
CALVIN's FortTNBlounton Crooked Creek;
BLACK's FortTNBlount at the head of Crooked Creek;
GILLESPIE's FortTNBlount south of Little River;
ISH's FortTNBlount in the northwest part of the county, near the Tennessee River.
Logan's FortKY western edge of the town of Stanford in Lincoln County, less than a mile from the present Courthouse
Gambles Fort TN Blount on the Little River, east of Maryville, Blount Co; "near where George SNYDER now (1883)lives;"
Tellico Blockhouse TN Blount Nine-mile Creek area, south of Maryville,
Fort Loudon TN Blount Little Tennessee River, west of Maryville, Blount Co
Moore's Fort VA Castles Woods
Cowan's Fort VA Castles Woods
Pricketts Fort WV near Fairmont
Houston's Fort VA SW VA

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