Origins of the Brimberry Family in the United States

A Lifelong Work Still in Progress By Jerry Brimberry & Marion Brimberry
Updated June 30, 2007
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In the early 1960s, Jerry Brimberry traced the "origins" of the Brimberry family in the United States to the union of Matthias Branberry (sic) and Mary Anderson, who wed on March 11, 1766 in historic Holy Trinity (Old Swedes) Church in Wilmington, Delaware. Of pure Swedish stock, Matthias and Mary had a number of sons, and from them arose the seven branches of our Brimberry family in the United States, as described in this article. Matthias' and Mary's colonial Swedish roots, however, extend further back in time to the very beginning of New Sweden, the Swedish colony established by the Swedish crown on the Delaware River in 1638. Matthias' great-great-grandparents were Måns Andersson and his first wife, Brita. Måns and Brita arrived on the Kalmar Nyckel in 1640, the ship bearing the very first permanent settlers to New Sweden. There are said to be over 250,000 descendants of Måns and Brita living today. Those descendants include, among others, George H. W. and George W. Bush, the 41st and 43rd Presidents of the United States.
GenealogyNew Sweden
Editors' NotesA Brief History of New Sweden
The Brimberry SurnameHoly Trinity (Old Swedes) Church
The Brimberry DNA ProjectSwedish Naming Practices
Ancestry of Mathias Brimberry17th Century Sweden
Ancestry of Mary AndersonGeography of New Sweden
Lineages of Mathias & Mary Brimberry's 7 Sons
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This article, or suite of articles, has multiple purposes. Its primary intent is to provide a descendancy for the Brimberry family, beginning with Mathias and Mary. However, we are also interested in providing information on Mathias and Mary's ancestry, as well as in providing background on the New Sweden colony, and other matters of interest to those trying to understand the life history of Mathias and Mary, and their descendants. It is also our intent to use this site as a repository of family information, including group sheets, marriage records, and similar documentation of interest to genealogists. Separate articles are being developed to support these multiple objectives. Key articles are shown in the following directory that should allow the interested reader to navigate quickly to items of particular interest. Additional articles will be linked to these key articles as appropriate. It is not necessary to read the articles in any particular order. You may go where you like, and as your interests lead. A navigation table appears at the end of each article for this purpose.

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