Origins of the Brimberry Family in the United States

A Lifelong Work Still in Progress

By Jerry Brimberry & Marion Brimberry
Updated June 30, 2007


IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: The structure for this article has been radically changed. Simply put, the reasons are two-fold: (1) to resolve significant technical issues due to the sheer length and number of images contained in the article; and (2) to facilitate navigation to topics of individual interest to readers. If you navigated to this site from the Original Article, click Portal:Brimberry family history to access the main portal for the Origins of the Brimberry Family in the United States and the revised articles.

You can also use the links provided in the table appearing below and at the bottom of each article to navigate to topics of interest. Matthias Brimberry and Mary Anderson's seven sons and their lineages is still under construction. Construction was halted for over six months. Simply put, images started disappearing and the text was often misaligned due to "overload". The problem is now solved and more materials can be added thanks to the assistance of Bill Willis. Please email comments or questions to the editor at Likewise, please let me know via email if you are a Brimberry descendant and would like to be added to the BrimberryResearchGroup for additional updates and information. Thanks! Jerry Brimberry

GenealogyNew Sweden
Editors' NotesA Brief History of New Sweden
The Brimberry SurnameHoly Trinity (Old Swedes) Church
The Brimberry DNA ProjectSwedish Naming Practices
Ancestry of Mathias Brimberry17th Century Sweden
Ancestry of Mary AndersonGeography of New Sweden
Lineages of Mathias & Mary Brimberry's 7 Sons
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