JB's Story Element Where it probably came from
Major John Cowan was KBI'd Ann Walker's husband Samuel Cowan, and Margaret Handley's husband John Pauley, were KBI'd.
Son James was CBI'dWilliam Walker was captured at the same time that Ann Walker Cowan was CBI'd
Mary Walker Cowan was CBI'd Margaret Handley, and Ann Walker Cowan were CBI'd in separate events; the first name of Samuel Handley's wife was Mary.
Mary was taken north to the Great Lakes Margaret Handley Pauley and Ann Walker Cowan were taken north to the Great Lakes
Mary and son James were separated, and went with different captors Ann Walker Cowan and nephew William Walker were separated and went with different captors
Mary escaped after 7 years. Margaret Handley Pauley was released after 7 years; Ann was probably only held captive for 3 or 4 years.
A troop of "100 mounted volunteers" rode north to save Mary Probably didn't happen at all. This looks suspicously like a trace of Major John's (then Captain John) company in the "Tennessee Volunteer Mounted Gunmen" during the Creek War.
"Is there a man by the name of Russell, Major Russell" This could be William Russell of Castles's Woods, a local leader, but it is more likely a reference to another William Russell---major William Russell of the Creek War, in whose unit Captain John Cowan served.

CBI---Captured by Indians. KBI---Killed by Indians

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