This provides some context within which Mrs. Dunavant's work might be evaluated, as it says something about her social standing.

Source: Golf and the Charlotte Landscape

"The land today occupied by the Carolina Golf and Country Club was a century ago the Blackman Dairy Farm. Sometime in the first decade of the century a man from the western part of the state, H. J. Dunavant, bought 4,000 acres of land in southwestern Mecklenburg County which included the dairy. Dunavant didn't have fairways or even the dairy farm in mind when he bought the land. His business was heavy construction and he sought land for a rock quarry. However, in 1928 he passed away and left much of this land untouched and in the trust of his wife. In that same year for reasons unknown Mrs. H. J. Dunavant leased the land from the trust, hired Donald J. Ross to design a golf course for $3,200, and opened the Carolina Golf Course to the public.

As a public course, Carolina appears to have been a prosperous family business. It would remain in the trust of the Dunavant estate until the club members bought the land in the '60s. From the early 1930s until the course entered its private era, management stayed in family hands too. Either Jack Dunavant, son of the elder H. J., or son-in-law Sutt Alexander kept the club running."

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