This is a "seed page", intended for storing data about folks with the surname Walker as it comes to hand. The primary focus of this page is Walkers in Virginia, though records for Walkers may be added as the need may arise. The organization here is experimental. I don't know how this can be best organized. So we'll play with the data as it comes in.Bill 01:02, 4 December 2006 (UTC)


"Virginia Willls and Administrations 1632-1800" by Clayton Torrence, Genealogical Publ. Co., INc. w - Will, i - inventory, a - administrator's bond or estate account, n.w. - nuncupative will These are a listing of counties I thought we might be looking at. If you need the others let me know. Nina

County Person
Thos. 1794 w
Eliz. 1795 w.
Alex Jr. 1770 a
Alex 1775 w
Andrew 1778 w
Robert 1767 w
Saml. 1777 i
Alexander 1771 nw
Saml. 1788 w
Wm. 1752 w
Judith 1768 w
Benj 1781 w
Warren 1785 w
Jno. Jr. 1740 w
David 1741 w
Jno. 1767 w.
David Jr. 1772 w
David, Sr. 1774 w
Mary 1777w
Jno 1794 w
Agnes 1793 w
Philip 1798 w
Judith 1752 w
Tandy 1752 i
Edwd. Brodnaz 1773 w
Silvanus 1786 w
Henry 1792 w
Thos 1770 w
Jas 1778 i
David 1780 i
Susannah 1783 i
Catherine 1788 i
Jno 1706 w
Jno 1726 i
Wm. 1736 i
Thos 1747 w
Wm. 1751 i
Wm 1754 w
Jeremiah 1755 i
Thos 1759 w
Alex 1784 w
Alex 1785 w
Jas 1787 i
Saml. 1794 i
Jno 1795 i
Jno 1797 w
John 1778 w
Saml. 1779 w

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