Name/Link to Will Date Written Probate Date Notes Source Article Link
Alex. Jr 1790 a Torrence undated
Alex 1775 w Torrence undated
Andrew 1778 W Torrence undated

w - Will, i - inventory, a - administrator's bond or estate account, n.w. - nuncupative will,

Marriage RecordsEdit

Groom Bride
Groom Bride DOMPOMMinister Father MotherFatherMother Witnesses SourceCommentary
Walker, Alexander Magdaline Harner 22 Mar 1790 Augusta Co -- -- -- -- -- -- McDonald, 1972-1975
Walker, Joseph Grizzel McCroskey 22 FEb 1791 Augusta Co -- -- -- -- -- -- McDonald, 1972-1975
Walker, Jonathan Sary Conaldly 8 Sept 1791 Augusta Co -- -- -- -- -- -- McDonald, 1972-1975
Walker, Edward Catherine Kennedy 1 Mar 1798< Augusta Co -- -- -- -- -- -- McDonald, 1972-1975
Augusta Co McDonald, 1972-1975

Note: Data records for different counties and states often differ in the specific data recorded. This form attempts to accomodate most of the typical data fields that might be required. The mark "--" is used to indicate that the data was not found in the original record, and the field should be left empty. Please DO NOT "fill in the blanks" simply because you have additional data about this marriage. That informaiton, including your sources can be provided in the appropriate person article. This article is reserved to record what the data record actually tells us.

Miscellaneous Records From Chalkley for John WalkerEdit

John Walker III (c1705-c1776)/Records Rockbridge Co, VA

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