Go here for an explanation of this table A brief, and incomplete analysis of the significance of YDNA data for understanding of the two main "Wigton Walker" Lines, is provided separately, at this location.

Walkers Creek LineageEdit

Descendants of Alexander IEdit

Person*SpouseDispersion**White 1902
Alexander Walker I (c1682-?)Jane Cowan ? (?-?)Remained in Scotland
John Walker (?-1797) aka "Gunstocker John"Mary Culton (?-aft1797)Rockbridge Co, VAWhite 1902:566)
..........Joseph Culton Walker (?-1815)Jane Moore (?-c1818)Lexington, Rockbridge Co Va; Buffalo Creek/Buffallo MillsWhite 1902:175, 568, 5699 children
Mary Walker (?-?)Abraham Grimes/Graham (?-?)children dispersed to KY White 1902:614
Alexander Walker (?-1820)Jane Stuart (1761-?)Rockbridge; White 1902:615
Some Children to WV
Some Children to IN
Some Children to KY
James Walker (?-?)Ann Walker (1754-?)IllinoisWhite 1902:615); [Ann is the daughter of Alexander Walker = Jane Hammer]
Jane Walker (?-?)John Ray (?-?)-White 1902:615
John Walker (?-?)Betsey McCampbell (?-?)-White 1902:616
William Walker (?-?)Mary Stuart (?-?)Walkers Creek, Rockbridge Co, VaWhite 1902:616
Samuel Walker (?-?)Rebecca Gaddus (?-?)northern Georgia, among the Cherokee IndiansWhite 1902:619
Margaret Walker (?-?)James Carr Frazier (?-?)Logan Co., KY 1790-1800White 1902:620
Andrew Walker (?-?)Betsey McKinney (?-?)-White 1902:620
Eleanor Walker (?-?)Andrew Martin (?-?)-White 1902:620
Alexander Walker II (? - c1785) aka "Sawney"Jane (?-?)PA to VA, Walkers Creek, Rockbridge Co 1734White 1902:625
..John Walker (?-?)Mary Moore (?-?)Walkers Creek, Rockbridge Co. VAWhite 1902:629
Surviving children remained in Rockbridge
Rebecca Walker (?-?)UnknownKentuckyWhite 1902:628; married against her parents wishes
Joseph Walker (?-?)Nothing KnownWhite 1902:628
Eleanor Walker(?-?) never marriedKentuckyWhite 1902:628


* Color coding in the "Name" column shows common YDNA results.
** Color coding in the "Dispersion" column shows common Dispersion locations.

Descendants of John IIEdit

PersonSpouseDispersionWhite 1902
John Walker II (c1682-1734)Katherine Rutherford (c1682-1738)Cecil Co, MD
Elizabeth Walker (1703-1787)John Campbell (?-?)Staunton, Augusta Co, VAWhite 1902:3
..........John Campbell (?-?)died on passage to AmericaWhite 1902:4
Esther Campbell (?-?)Alexander McKinney (?-?)-White 1902:4
Mary Campbell (?-?)David Chambers (?-?)-White 1902:4
Rachel Campbell (?-c1797)Thomas Dobbins (?-bef1797)Caswell Co, NCWhite 1902:4
Elizabeth Campbell (?-?)Died young-White 1902:4)
Jane Campbell (?-1816)Alexander McPheeters (?-1798)Augusta Co, VAWhite 1902:4,5
John Walker Campbell (?-?)Martha Spears (?-?)-White 1902:4
Elizabeth Campbell (?-?)James Wallace (?-?)-
Robert Campbell (c1745-1804)Rebecca Wallace (?-?)Augusta, to Mason Co, KYWhite 1902:4
John Walker III (c1705-c1776)Ann Houston (c1705-c1765)Washington Co, VAWhite 1902:6
Susannah Walker (1739-?)Patrick Porter (1731-1806)Russel Co, VAWhite 1902:6)
Mary Walker (?-?)Andrew Cowan (?-?)SW VAWhite 1902:6
Jane Walker (1755-1806)William COWAN (1750-1809) Blount Co, TNWhite 1902:6
Hetty Walker (?-c1772)Robert Bell (1736-1816)Caswell Co, then Guilford, then he to TN late in lifeWhite 1902:6
John Walker IV (c1740-c1817) aka "Indian Killer""Miss Long" Blount Co, TNWhite 1902:6
Samuel Walker (?-c1776)never marriedWashington Co, VAWhite 1902:6
Margaret Walker (?-?)John Snoddy (?-?)KentuckyWhite 1902:6
Ann Walker (?-?)Samuel Cowan (?-?)Washington Co, VAWhite 1902:6
Martha Walker (?-?)Alexander Montgomery (?-?)? SWVAWhite 1902:6
James Walker (1707 - ?)Mary Guffy (?-?)-White 1902:31
Mary Walker (?-?)Hugh Kelso (?-?)-White 1902:76
John Walker (? - ?) (died young)White 1902:6
Jane Walker (?-?)John Moore (1735-1798) -White 1902:32, and bottom of page 69. Not to be confused with Jane dau of John II, and wife of James Moore)
Elizabeth Walker (?-?)John Stuart (1740-1831)-White 1902:52
Thomas Walker (?-?) died young-
William Walker (?-?) died young-
Jane Walker (1712-1793)James Moore (1711-1791)Nottingham, PA, Rockbridge Co, VAWhite 1902:32, 69
>John Moore 1735-1798Jane Walker (?-?) (dau. of James Walker=Mary Guffy)Rockbridge Co, VA to KY late in lifeWhite 1902:32
Mary Moore (1736-?)1) Samuel Paxton, 2) Alexander StuartWhite 1902:69
Rachel Moore (1736-1826) Rev. William McPheeters (?-?)Rockbridge/Augusta Co, VAWhite 1902:70
Elizabeth Moore (?-1786)Michael Coalter (?-?)Rockbridge Co, VAWhite 1902:108)
Margaret Jane Moore (?-?)died young
James Moore 1740-1786)Martha Poague (?-?)Tazewell Co, VA (Abb's Valley)White 1902:145
Joseph Moore (?-?)Margaret Coalter (?-?) KY late in lifeWhite 1902:174
Jane Moore (?-c1818)Joseph Walker (?-?)Rockbridge Co, VAWhite 1902:175
Alexander Moore (?-?)No record/died young-White 1902:69
Samuel Moore (?-?)No record-White 1902:69
Samuel Walker (? - c1798) "The Orphan"Caswell Co, NCNot included in White 1902.
Elizabeth Walker (1749-?) Noah Cobb (c1750-Bef1808 m. 1766 Caswell Co., NC
Jean Walker (c1750-c1833)Robert J. King (-1817) m.Abt 1770
Elinor Walker (1754-)[Did she marry a Walker or unmarried?]
Agnes Walker (1756-1815) James Orr (1755-1819) m.29 Jan 1779
James William Walker (1756-1823)Elisabeth Elliott (1763-Aft1860)Robertson Co, TN
Mary Walker (?-?)White 1902:3, considers this questionable)

The Natural Bridge LineageEdit

Samuel Walker (1714-1793)Jane Patterson (?-?)Natural Bridge, Rockbridge Co, VAWhite 1902:176
..........Barbara Walker (?-?)William McClelland (?-?)Knoxville, TNWhite 1902:177
Katherine Walker (?-?)<David Scott (?-?)East TNWhite 1902:178
Jane Walker (?-?)William Taylor (?-?)Adair Co KYWhite 1902:179
Samuel Walker (1748-?)Susan McDonald (?-?)Some Children to IllWhite 1902:179
Some children to TN
Elizabeth Walker (?-?) "Never Married"
James Walker (1752-1791)Jane Thompson (?-?)-White 1902:180
John Walker (1755- ?)Margaret Paul (?-?)White 1902:180
Joseph Walker (1758-?)Susan Willis (?-?)Roane Co, TN, White 1902:180
children to MO, CA, and OR
Joel Walker (1764-1834)Margaret Armstrong (?-?)Greenbriar, WV, White 1902:228
then Springfield, Ill,
then Fayette Co, Ill

Alexander Walker (1716-c1786)Jane Hammer (1729-1798)Rockbridge Co,White 1902:263
wife to Woodbridge Co KY
John Walker (1747-1814)1) Margaret Hudson (?-?) 2) Margaret Kelso (?-?) Rockbridge Co, VAWhite, 1902:264
William Walker (1749-1790)Jane Walker (?-?)Woodford Co, KY, Adair Co, KY....White 1902:290
James Walker (1751-1800)Margaret Gray (?-?)Woodford Co, KY; Adair Co, KYWhite 1902:296; Emma S. White's Line
Ann Walker (1754-?)James Walker (?-?)McDonough Co Ill, he died McGomery Co IllWhite 1902:615; James is the son of Gunstocker John]
Alexander Walker (1756-1764) died young-
Joseph Walker (1760-1768) died young-
David Walker (1763-1827)Jane Holmes (?-?)Butler Fork, Adair Co, KY,White 1902:346
she to Irish Grove, Sangamon Co, Ill
Alexander Walker (1765-?)1) Mary Magdalene Harmon (?-?) 2) Mary Combs (?-?)KYWhite 1902:363
Jane Walker (1768-aft1822)Andrew McMahan (?-c1822)Green Co, KYWhite 1902:413
Joseph Walker (1771-1839)Katherine Kelso (?-?)1795 Petit's Fork, Adair Co KY, White 1902:413
Catherine Walker (1775- ??)Samuel Taylor (?-?)East Fork, Little Barren River, Green Co, KY, then to Adair Co KYWhite 1902:421

Joseph Walker (1722-1806)1) Nancy McLung (?-?), 2) Grizelda McCrosky (?-?)Ky late in lifeWhite 1902:492
Sarah Walker (1750-?)John Paxton (?-?)Rockbridge CoWhite 1902:495
William (?-?) died young
John Walker (?-?) died young
Mary Campbell Walker (1754-1811)Charles John Hays (?-?)-White 1902:495
Jane Walker (?-?)William Walker (1749-1790)1787 to Woodford Co, KY; 1800 Adair Co, KY;White 1902:290
Clarke Co, Indiana
Some children to McDonough Co, Ill
Elizabeth Walker (1757-1787)--White 1902:495
Joseph Walker (1761-?)Mary Hays (?-?)-White 1902:512 Line associated with the Polks
Susan Walker (1762-1835)James McCrosky (1760-1835)Georgetown, Scott Co, KYWhite 1902:549
Nancy Walker (1760-1850)Michael Warnock (1751-1823)1789 KYWhite 1902:554
James Walker (c1765-1834)Esther Alexander (?-?) (Widow Alexander)Rockbridge Co, Va, White 1902:561
Possibly Adair Co, KY
Some children to McDonough Co, Ill
Samuel Walker (c1765-?)Jane Simpson (?-?)-White 1902:495

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