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This is a working page, eventually intended to present a graphic depiction of key events in Wigton Walker family history What's here at the moment has nothing to do with Wigton Walker just an example to work from.

ImageSize = width:450 height:650 PlotArea = left:50 right:0 bottom:10 top:10

DateFormat = yyyy Period = from:1560 till:1630 TimeAxis = orientation:vertical ScaleMajor = unit:year increment:5 start:1560 ScaleMinor = unit:year increment:1 start:1560


 color:red mark:(line, black) align:left fontsize:S 
 shift:(25,0) # shift text to right side of bar
 # there is no automatic collision detection,
 # so shift texts up or down manually to avoid overlap shift:(25,-10) 
 at:1561             text:Born at London
 at:1573 fontsize:XS text:Ed. at Trinity Coll. Cambridge; dissatisfied with Aristotlean philosophy
 at:1579             text:Enters Gray's Inn
 from:1576 till:1579 text:In France
 at:1582             text:Called to Bar
 at:1584             text:Enters Parliament of England
 at:1591             text:Becomes friend of Essex
 at:1593             text:Essex presents him with estate
 at:1597             text:Publishes first ed of Essays
 at:1601             text:Prosecutes Essex
 at:1605             text:Publishes Advancement of Learning
 at:1607             text:Solicitor General
 at:1609             text:Publishes Wisdom of the Ancients
 at:1613             text:Attorney General
 at:1616             text:Prosecutes Somerset
 at:1618 fontsize:XS text:Lord Keeper
 at:1619 fontsize:XS text:Lord Chancellor with title of Verulam
 at:1620 fontsize:XS text:Publishes Novum Organum
 at:1621 fontsize:XS text:Viscount St. Albans; Charged with corruption, retires from public life.
 at:1622 fontsize:XS text:Publishes Henry VII and third part of Instauratio
 at:1626             text:Dies

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