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Chronological and Genetic OrderEdit

The Order of Charlemagne gives the number of generations between a person and Charlemagne (747-814). Wipert de Nantes has order = 5, which means that there are 4 generations between him and Charlemagne. Put differently, Wipert is Charlemagne's great-great-grandson. However, both of Wipert's parents are great-grandchildren of Charlemagne. This means that Charlemagne's share in Wipert's genes is as if Wipert were his great-grandson.

The tables below give both the chronological Order of Charlemagne and the difference between the chronological order and the genetic order. Wipert is the oldest for whom genetic and chronological order deviate. The Duke of Edinburgh shows one of the greatest deviations. Due to repeated intermarriage between Charlemagne's descendants, Philip' chronological order is 33 -- he's Charlemagne's 30st great-grandson -- but his genetic order is 15 -- genetically, he's Charlemagne's 12th great-grandson.

Number shifted at least N generations (out of 12159)Edit

  1. 10821
  2. 9572
  3. 8296
  4. 7397
  5. 6550
  6. 5795
  7. 4953
  8. 4205
  9. 3562
  10. 2850
  11. 2171
  12. 1528
  13. 959
  14. 650
  15. 425
  16. 192
  17. 71
  18. 5
  19. 0

One generationEdit

 Order Shift of CharlemagneOrder of Charlemagne
Wipert de Nantes (860-)/sensor25
Judith di Friuli (?-?)/sensor26
Cunegonde di Friuli (c893-aft923)/sensor26
Ermengarde de Nantes (900-)/sensor26
Benedicta von Lothringen (?-?)/sensor2.0037
Amelung Billung (c908-962)/sensor27
Siegfried von Luxemburg (c922-998)/sensor27
Eberhard von Bayern (c912-c940)/sensor3.0027
Cecilia von Lothringen (?-?)/sensor2.0037
Wichmann Billung (916-944)/sensor27
Luitgard de Lorraine (915-960)/sensor27
Arnulf von Bayern (c913-954)/sensor3.0027
Hermann Billung (c906-973)/sensor27
Richilde de Barcelone (c905-962)/sensor2.0037
Adalberon of Metz (?-962)/sensor27
Judith von Bayern (925-985)/sensor3.0027
Frederick of Bar (?-978)/sensor27
Gozlin of Bidgau (?-942)/sensor27
Heinrich von Bayern (?-?)/sensor3.0027
Odo II de Blois (c983-1037)/sensor2.2598
... further results

Two generationsEdit

 Order Shift of CharlemagneOrder of Charlemagne
Heinrich II von Bayern (951-995)/sensor4.0068
Hadwig von Bayern (c939-994)/sensor4.0068
Gerberga von Bayern (c940-1001)/sensor4.0068
Udo van Zutphen (?-1034)/sensor4.2759
Heinrich II von Bayern (971-1024)/sensor4.0069
Adalbéron de Verdun (?-988)/sensor5.0189
Bilihild von Dießen (c1015-1075)/sensor4.5189
Adela de Verdun (?-?)/sensor5.0189
Louis I de Chiny (?-1025)/sensor4.1479
Bruno von Bayern (?-1029)/sensor4.0069
Regilla de Verdun (?-1050)/sensor5.0189
Otto I. zu Wasserburg (?-c1065)/sensor4.5189
Ermentrude de Verdun (c970-aft1010)/sensor5.0189
Unknown von Reisensburg (?-?)/sensor6.0169
Gisela von Bayern (?-?)/sensor4.0069
Godefroy II de Verdun (?-1023)/sensor5.0189
Baldwin V of Flanders (1012-1067)/sensor4.6599
Friedrich I. von Regensburg (1030-1075)/sensor4.5189
Ermengarde de Verdun (c975-1042)/sensor5.0189
Dietrich I von Wasserburg (?-c1020)/sensor6.0169
... further results

Three generationsEdit

 Order Shift of CharlemagneOrder of Charlemagne
Godefroy de Bouillon (1058-1099)/sensor9.79511
Henri de Namur (c1070-1138)/sensor11.59711
Ida of Alsace (c1104-c1151)/sensor10.90611
Friedrich von Bogen (c1075-1100)/sensor9.06211
Dirk V van Holland (1054-1091)/sensor9.32911
Bertha van Holland (c1058-1094)/sensor9.32911
Thierry of Flanders (1100-1168)/sensor10.90611
Engelbert von Schwarzenburg (c1073-aft1125)/sensor8.43811
Godefroi I de Namur (1068-1139)/sensor11.59711
Beatrice de Lorraine (1071-1071)/sensor8.29411
Robert II of Flanders (c1065-1111)/sensor10.72611
Baudouin de Boulogne (1065-1118)/sensor9.79511
Ermengarde of Alsace (c1106-c1153)/sensor10.90611
Adalbert II. von Bogen (c1072-1146)/sensor9.06211
Adelheid van Holland (1045-1085)/sensor9.32911
Liutgard von Schwarzenburg (c1077-c1124)/sensor8.43811
Albert de Jaffa (c1074-1122)/sensor11.59711
Gertrude of Flanders (1080-1117)/sensor10.72611
Kunigunde von Weimar (1055-1140)/sensor8.82211
Ide de Boulogne (c1055-c1102)/sensor9.79511
... further results

Four generationsEdit

 Order Shift of CharlemagneOrder of Charlemagne
Henri de Namur (1113-1196)/sensor18.38112
Hugues de Chiny (c1084-bef1131)/sensor16.16912
Ide de Chiny (1078-c1117)/sensor16.16912
Mathilde de Namur (c1120-c1170)/sensor17.24412
Alix de Namur (1109-1168)/sensor18.38112
Oda de Chiny (c1094-c1141)/sensor16.16912
Adalbéron de Chiny (c1090-1145)/sensor16.16912
Clémence de Namur (c1112-1158)/sensor18.38112
Eustache de Chiny (c1092-c1139)/sensor16.16912
Béatrice de Namur (c1115-1160)/sensor18.38112
Adelaide de Louvain (c1094-c1158)/sensor18.06312
Frédéric de Chiny (c1088-c1135)/sensor16.16912
Gertrude de Louvain (c1095-c1142)/sensor18.06312
Albert I de Chiny (c1086-bef1162)/sensor16.16912
Isabelle de Hainaut (1170-1190)/sensor25.33413
Marie de Champagne (c1174-1204)/sensor17.55113
Floris III van Holland (1140-1190)/sensor19.92713
Manassès IV de Rethel (c1135-1199)/sensor19.14913
Ermesinde II. von Luxemburg (1186-1247)/sensor19.80413
Heinrich VI of the Holy Roman Empire (1165-1197)/sensor24.49413
... further results

Five generationsEdit

 Order Shift of CharlemagneOrder of Charlemagne
Constanza de Aragón (1179-1222)/sensor32.8514
Margaret II, Countess of Flanders (1202-1280)/sensor42.92614
Eléonore de Courtenay (1208-1230)/sensor34.73414
Pedro II de Aragón (1174-1213)/sensor32.8514
Hendrik II van Brabant (1207-1248)/sensor39.07614
Alix de Montmorency (1173-1226)/sensor35.34814
Eudes III de Bourgogne (1166-1218)/sensor40.114
Elisabeth de Courtenay (1199-aft1269)/sensor34.73414
Sancha de Aragón (1186-1241)/sensor32.8514
Adelheid van Brabant (1190-1265)/sensor39.07614
Mathieu II de Montmorency (1174-1230)/sensor35.34814
Louis VIII Capet (1187-1226)/sensor43.74514
Alexandre de Montagu (1170-1205)/sensor40.114
Baudouin II de Courtenay (1218-1273)/sensor34.73414
Marguerite de Courtenay (1194-1270)/sensor34.73414
Maria van Brabant (1190-1260)/sensor39.07614
Beatrice II de Bourgogne (1191-1231)/sensor42.06614
Robert de Courtenay (1201-1228)/sensor34.73414
Margarete van Brabant (1192-1231)/sensor39.07614
Friedrich II of the Holy Roman Empire (1195-1250)/sensor34.07914
... further results

Six generationsEdit

 Order Shift of CharlemagneOrder of Charlemagne
Louis IX Capet (1214-1270)/sensor64.79915
Robert Capet (1216-1250)/sensor64.79915
Alphonse Capet (1220-1271)/sensor64.79915
Charles Capet (1226-1285)/sensor64.79915
Heinrich VII of the Holy Roman Empire (1211-1242)/sensor66.92915
Constance de Aragón (1239-1269)/sensor80.93716
Robert III of Flanders (1249-1322)/sensor66.08416
Jean II de Bretagne (1239-1305)/sensor98.79616
Blanche de Bretagne (1270-1327)/sensor83.23116
Edmund of Woodstock, 1st Earl of Kent (1301-1330)/sensor80.11816
Othon IV de Bourgogne (1248-1302)/sensor75.69416
Jeanne d'Apremont (c1260-aft1321)/sensor68.32116
Guy III de Châtillon (c1254-1317)/sensor113.21316
Henry Plantagenet, 3rd Earl of Lancaster (1281-1345)/sensor97.97616
Petronilla von Jülich (c1261-aft1300)/sensor73.07316
Charles II of Naples (1254-1309)/sensor92.07816
Mathieu III de Montmorency (1221-1270)/sensor77.00516
Agnes von Thüringen (bef1264-aft1332)/sensor75.20316
Heinrich von Hessen (c1265-1298)/sensor84.37816
Jan I van Brabant (1253-1294)/sensor96.0116
... further results

Seven generationsEdit

 Order Shift of CharlemagneOrder of Charlemagne
Robert II d'Artois (1250-1302)/sensor128.45116
Blanche of Artois (1248-1302)/sensor128.45116
Marguerite d'Artois (1285-1311)/sensor157.28617
Jeanne de Bourgogne (1292-1330)/sensor149.09417
Beatrix von Luxemburg (1305-1319)/sensor179.89617
Hugues de Châtillon (c1297-1329)/sensor131.56417
Isabella Capet (c1295-1358)/sensor184.48417
Jaime II of Aragon (1267-1327)/sensor138.60917
Reinoud II van Gelre (c1295-1343)/sensor194.9717
Marguerite de Bourbon (1313-1362)/sensor183.17317
Louis I de Bourbon (1279-1342)/sensor145.16217
Jan II van Brabant (1275-1312)/sensor161.87417
William II of Hainaut (1307-1345)/sensor181.20717
Blanche de Namur (1320-1363)/sensor186.4517
Hermann III. von Brandenburg (c1271-1308)/sensor150.73317
Eudes IV de Bourgogne (1295-1350)/sensor156.95917
Marguerite de Bourgogne (1290-1315)/sensor156.95917
Fernando IV of Castile (1285-1312)/sensor132.7117
Jeanne de Valois (1304-1363)/sensor182.1917
Albrecht von Wittelsbach (1336-1404)/sensor139.59217
... further results

Eight generationsEdit

 Order Shift of CharlemagneOrder of Charlemagne
Catherine de Bourbon (1342-1427)/sensor368.96818
Marie de Valois (1309-1332)/sensor366.34618
Philip II of Taranto (1329-1374)/sensor287.04818
Jeanne Capet (1308-1349)/sensor332.92318
Gerhard VI. von Berg (?-1360)/sensor302.12118
Mary of England (1344-1362)/sensor344.06418
Reinoud III van Gelre (c1333-1371)/sensor361.10318
Maria of Portugal (1313-1357)/sensor273.9418
Louis of Taranto (1320-1362)/sensor285.08218
Blanche de Bourbon (1339-1361)/sensor360.44818
Blanche de Valois (1316-1348)/sensor366.34618
Philippa von Jülich (1328-1390)/sensor302.12118
Joan of England (1335-1348)/sensor344.06418
Johanna van Brabant (1322-1406)/sensor327.6818
Philippe de Bourgogne (1323-1346)/sensor321.12618
Charles II d'Alençon (1297-1346)/sensor278.52818
John of Gaunt, 1st Duke of Lancaster (1340-1399)/sensor344.71918
Pedro I of Portugal (1320-1367)/sensor273.9418
William of Avesnes (aft1336-bef1345)/sensor343.40918
Henri IV de Bar (c1317-1344)/sensor285.08218
... further results

Nine generationsEdit

 Order Shift of CharlemagneOrder of Charlemagne
Joanna of Navarre (1339-1403)/sensor686.81719
Margaret III of Flanders (1348-1405)/sensor596.37819
Marie de Bretagne (1391-1446)/sensor515.11319
Charles II of Navarre (1332-1387)/sensor686.81719
Jean I de Bourbon (1381-1434)/sensor524.28819
Marguerite de Bretagne (1392-1428)/sensor515.11319
Isabelle de Valois (1348-1372)/sensor540.01719
Blanche of Navarre (1331-1398)/sensor686.81719
Charles V de Valois (1338-1380)/sensor541.32719
Pedro I of Castile (1334-1369)/sensor538.70619
Jean I de Lorraine (1346-1390)/sensor517.73419
Margaret of Bohemia (1335-1349)/sensor617.34919
Marie de Valois (1344-1404)/sensor546.5719
Jean V de Bretagne (1389-1442)/sensor529.53119
Jeanne de Valois (1343-1373)/sensor540.01719
Maria of Naples (1329-1366)/sensor612.10619
Maria of Navarre (c1329-1347)/sensor685.50719
Louis I of Naples (1339-1384)/sensor541.32719
Philip of Burgundy (1342-1404)/sensor546.5719
Joanna of Naples (1328-1382)/sensor612.10619
... further results

Ten generationsEdit

 Order Shift of CharlemagneOrder of Charlemagne
Yolande de Bar (c1365-1431)/sensor1,069.54820
Antoine of Brabant (1384-1415)/sensor1,132.46220
Philip II of Nevers (1389-1415)/sensor1,132.46220
Margaret of Burgundy (1374-1441)/sensor1,145.56920
Henri de Bar (1362-1397)/sensor1,038.0920
Marie de Bourgogne (1380-1422)/sensor1,132.46220
Charles III of Navarre (1361-1425)/sensor1,226.83420
Jeanne de Bar (c1370-1402)/sensor1,038.0920
Joanna of Navarre (1370-1437)/sensor1,226.83420
John, Duke of Burgundy (1371-1419)/sensor1,132.46220
Marguerite de Savoie (1439-1483)/sensor1,354.87521
Marie of Anjou (1404-1463)/sensor1,814.03621
Leonor of Portugal (1436-1476)/sensor1,294.99121
Dorothea von Brandenburg (1446-1519)/sensor1,226.83421
Johann II. von Kleve (1458-1521)/sensor1,145.56921
Marie de Savoie (1448-1475)/sensor1,354.87521
George Plantagenet, 1st Duke of Clarence (1449-1478)/sensor1,117.39321
Louis III d'Anjou (1403-1434)/sensor1,803.55121
Margarethe von Württemberg (c1455-1470)/sensor1,035.46921
Jeanne d'Orléans (1409-1432)/sensor1,703.93621
... further results

Eleven generationsEdit

 Order Shift of CharlemagneOrder of Charlemagne
Manuel I of Portugal (1469-1521)/sensor2,154.82422
Renée of Orleans (1510-1574)/sensor2,736.78322
François I of Angoulême (1494-1547)/sensor2,527.06822
Philip I of Castile (1478-1506)/sensor2,072.24322
Anne d'Alençon (1492-1562)/sensor2,411.72522
Elisabeth von der Pfalz (1483-1522)/sensor2,128.79922
Edward of Lancaster, Prince of Wales (1453-1471)/sensor2,831.15522
Isabella of Viseu (1459-1521)/sensor2,154.82422
Charles VIII de Valois (1470-1498)/sensor2,925.52722
Claude of Orleans (1499-1524)/sensor2,516.58222
Catherine I of Navarre (1470-1518)/sensor2,644.89322
Joachim I. Nestor von Brandenburg (1484-1535)/sensor2,195.42222
Claude de Guise (1496-1550)/sensor2,327.83922
Francis I of Navarre (1466-1483)/sensor2,234.66222
Philipp von der Pfalz (1448-1508)/sensor2,477.91622
Leonor of Viseu (1458-1525)/sensor2,154.82422
Marguerite de Lorraine (1463-1521)/sensor2,599.81322
Yolande de Lorraine (c1460-1500)/sensor2,421.55522
Claude of Orléans (1499-1524)/sensor2,516.58222
Helene von der Pfalz (1493-1524)/sensor2,128.79922
... further results

Twelve generationsEdit

 Order Shift of CharlemagneOrder of Charlemagne
Marguerite of Angoulême (1523-1574)/sensor5,054.13623
Henri II of Angoulême (1519-1559)/sensor4,886.36423
Magdalene von Bayern (1587-1628)/sensor5,767.67224
Elizabeth of Angoulême (1545-1568)/sensor4,697.6224
Elisabeth von Holstein-Schauenburg (1566-1638)/sensor4,816.89924
Dorothea von Braunschweig-Lüneburg (1570-1649)/sensor6,333.39424
Mary of Guimarães (1538-1577)/sensor4,160.71324
Johann Casimir von Sachsen-Coburg (1564-1633)/sensor5,197.52324
Charles III de Lorraine (1543-1608)/sensor6,092.46924
Friedrich von Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg-Norburg (1581-1658)/sensor4,970.5324
Anna Katharina von Brandenburg (1575-1612)/sensor4,495.48324
Margarethe von Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg-Plön (1583-1658)/sensor4,922.32224
Julius Ernst von Braunschweig-Dannenberg (1571-1636)/sensor5,791.61124
Friedrich Wilhelm I. von Sachsen-Weimar (1562-1602)/sensor4,738.27924
Dorothea Hedwig von Braunschweig-Wolfenbüttel (1587-1609)/sensor4,573.60724
Christian I. von Sachsen (1560-1591)/sensor5,275.61224
Julius Heinrich von Sachsen-Lauenburg (1586-1665)/sensor4,657.75724
Christian IV of Denmark (1577-1648)/sensor5,671.5424
Christian Wilhelm von Brandenburg (1587-1665)/sensor4,514.40724
Augusta of Denmark (1580-1639)/sensor5,623.33124
... further results

Thirteen generationsEdit

 Order Shift of CharlemagneOrder of Charlemagne
Maria Anna von Österreich (1634-1696)/sensor8,702.31625
Anna Sophia von Pfalz-Sulzbach (1621-1675)/sensor8,424.89225
Isabella Clara Eugenia of Spain (1566-1633)/sensor11,346.3525
François de Lorraine (1572-1632)/sensor10,124.04225
Ernst August von Braunschweig-Calenberg (1629-1698)/sensor8,669.54725
Tomasso Francesco di Savoia-Carignano (1596-1656)/sensor9,388.51725
Louis XIV of France (1638-1715)/sensor9,525.26725
Leopold I of the Holy Roman Empire (1640-1705)/sensor8,702.31625
Christian August von Pfalz-Sulzbach (1622-1708)/sensor8,424.89225
Henri II de Lorraine (1563-1624)/sensor10,124.04225
Wilhelm IV. von Sachsen-Weimar (1598-1662)/sensor8,835.67825
Georg Wilhelm von Braunschweig-Lüneburg (1624-1705)/sensor8,669.54725
Marguerite de Savoie (1589-1655)/sensor9,388.51725
Auguste Marie von Schleswig-Holstein-Gottorf (1649-1728)/sensor10,206.73925
Elizabeth Stuart (1596-1662)/sensor9,349.91425
Christine de Lorraine (1565-1637)/sensor10,790.08925
Élisabeth de Lorraine (1574-1636)/sensor10,124.04225
Ernst I. von Sachsen-Gotha (1601-1675)/sensor8,835.67825
Eleonore von Anhalt-Zerbst (1608-1681)/sensor8,671.00625
Johann Friedrich von Braunschweig-Calenberg (1625-1679)/sensor8,669.54725
... further results

Fourteen generationsEdit

 Order Shift of CharlemagneOrder of Charlemagne
Anna Sophia of Denmark (1647-1717)/sensor16,466.2726
Maria Josepha von Österreich (1699-1757)/sensor22,778.83627
Charles V de Lorraine (1643-1690)/sensor19,697.17327
Ernst August I. von Sachsen-Weimar-Eisenach (1688-1748)/sensor21,522.32927
Pedro III of Portugal (1717-1786)/sensor17,210.13527
Friedrich Heinrich von Brandenburg-Schwedt (1709-1788)/sensor18,742.44927
Karl I. von Hessen-Philippsthal (1682-1770)/sensor16,560.48827
Luise Dorothea von Sachsen-Meiningen (1710-1767)/sensor18,666.48827
Anton von Bayern (1690-1690)/sensor20,505.00627
George II of Great Britain (1683-1760)/sensor17,953.74827
Elisabeth Christine von Braunschweig-Wolfenbüttel-Bevern (1715-1797)/sensor18,722.22527
Anna Sophia von Schwarzburg-Rudolstadt (1700-1780)/sensor18,346.54327
Frederik IV of Denmark (1671-1730)/sensor20,100.26927
Friedrich II. von Hessen-Kassel (1720-1785)/sensor17,783.50727
Friedrich Wilhelm I. in Preußen (1688-1740)/sensor19,712.94727
Hedvig Sofia A. of Sweden (1681-1708)/sensor21,551.27327
Luise Amalie von Braunschweig-Wolfenbüttel (1722-1780)/sensor17,278.77827
Adolf Fredrik of Sweden (1710-1771)/sensor18,867.85527
Augustus III of Poland (1696-1763)/sensor18,708.50227
Leopold Ferdinand von Bayern (1689-1689)/sensor20,505.00627
... further results

Fifteen generationsEdit

 Order Shift of CharlemagneOrder of Charlemagne
Karl II. Wilhelm Ferdinand von Braunschweig-Wolfenbüttel (1735-1806)/sensor36,000.29528
Wilhelmine von Preußen (1751-1820)/sensor34,556.84428
Ernst II. von Sachsen-Gotha-Altenburg (1745-1804)/sensor33,737.2528
Maria Josepha von Sachsen (1731-1767)/sensor37,417.72828
Luis I of Spain (1707-1724)/sensor33,394.8228
Sophie Karoline Marie von Braunschweig-Wolfenbüttel (1737-1817)/sensor36,000.29528
Fernando VI of Spain (1713-1759)/sensor34,618.36928
Friedrich II. von Preußen (1712-1786)/sensor37,666.69528
Gustav III of Sweden (1746-1792)/sensor36,145.92828
Sophie Dorothee Maria von Preußen (1719-1765)/sensor34,556.13928
Friedrich Christian von Sachsen (1722-1763)/sensor37,417.72828
Anna Elisabeth Luise von Brandenburg-Schwedt (1738-1820)/sensor36,020.52228
Louis XV de Bourbon (1710-1774)/sensor34,618.36928
August Ferdinand von Preußen (1730-1813)/sensor37,666.69528
Charles XIII of Sweden (1748-1818)/sensor37,022.10128
Luise Ulrike von Preußen (1720-1782)/sensor36,308.48628
Albert Kasimir August von Teschen (1738-1822)/sensor41,487.33728
August Wilhelm von Preußen (1722-1758)/sensor34,556.13928
Elisabeth Christine Ulrike von Braunschweig-Wolfenbüttel (1746-1840)/sensor37,555.5728
Charlotte von Sachsen-Meiningen (1751-1827)/sensor36,050.82128
... further results

Sixteen generationsEdit

 Order Shift of CharlemagneOrder of Charlemagne
Maximilian von Sachsen (1759-1838)/sensor69,127.24429
Anton von Sachsen (1755-1836)/sensor69,127.24429
Friedrich August III. von Sachsen (1750-1827)/sensor69,127.24429
Willem II van Oranje-Nassau (1792-1849)/sensor100,638.73430
Maria Anna of Savoy (1803-1884)/sensor73,919.98430
Paul Friedrich von Mecklenburg-Schwerin (1800-1842)/sensor65,914.44230
Olga Nikolaevna of Russia (1822-1892)/sensor78,802.12730
Frederik VII of Denmark (1808-1863)/sensor92,924.67830
Paul von Württemberg (1785-1852)/sensor100,417.78530
Nicholas I of Russia (1796-1855)/sensor72,076.15530
Otto I. von Bayern (1848-1916)/sensor68,241.88230
Marianne van Oranje-Nassau (1809-1872)/sensor116,953.24830
Cäcilie Auguste von Baden (1839-1891)/sensor81,674.9530
Sofia Wilhelmine of Sweden (1801-1865)/sensor105,219.04830
Karl von Hessen und bei Rhein (1809-1877)/sensor78,493.82930
Luise von Sachsen-Gotha-Altenburg (1800-1831)/sensor90,594.06730
Wilhelm August Eduard von Sachsen-Weimar-Eisenach (1823-1902)/sensor74,079.83830
Louise von Hessen-Kassel (1817-1898)/sensor98,949.95330
Michael Nikolayevich of Russia (1832-1909)/sensor78,802.12730
Beatrice of the United Kingdom (1857-1944)/sensor77,379.01730
... further results

Seventeen generationsEdit

 Order Shift of CharlemagneOrder of Charlemagne
Frederick VIII of Denmark (1843-1912)/sensor138,227.25731
Dagmar of Denmark (1847-1928)/sensor148,703.59531
Wilhelmina van Oranje-Nassau (1880-1962)/sensor142,011.55831
George I of Greece (1845-1913)/sensor138,227.25731
Alexandra of Denmark (1844-1925)/sensor148,703.59531
Thyra of Denmark (1853-1933)/sensor138,227.25731
Andrew of Greece and Denmark (1882-1944)/sensor185,523.93632
Alfonso XIII de España (1886-1941)/sensor152,594.90532
Louis Mountbatten (1900-1979)/sensor137,458.83932
Alexander of Greece (1893-1920)/sensor185,600.16132
Kira of Russia (1909-1967)/sensor161,514.91932
Nicholas II of Russia (1868-1918)/sensor225,527.17632
Carol II of Romania (1893-1953)/sensor139,784.40332
Alexandrine von Mecklenburg-Schwerin (1879-1952)/sensor189,127.11332
Constantine I of Greece (1868-1923)/sensor185,523.93632
María de las Mercedes de España (1880-1904)/sensor152,594.90532
Friederike von Hannover (1917-1981)/sensor141,115.0832
Christian X of Denmark (1870-1947)/sensor213,514.81832
Alice Mountbatten (1885-1969)/sensor137,458.83932
Gustav VI Adolf of Sweden (1882-1973)/sensor166,300.00632
... further results

Eighteen generations (or more)Edit

 Order Shift of CharlemagneOrder of Charlemagne
Philip, Duke of Edinburgh (1921)/sensor294,332.6733
Louis Ferdinand von Preußen (1907-1994)/sensor307,527.90533
Astrid of Sweden (1905-1935)/sensor266,475.68433
Märtha of Sweden (1901-1954)/sensor266,475.68433
Frederick IX of Denmark (1899-1972)/sensor284,109.16633

To be updatedEdit

No such cases

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