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Râmnicu Sărat
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Râmnicu Sărat City Hall

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Râmnicu Sărat
Location of Râmnicu Sărat
Coordinates: 45°22′48″N 27°3′36″E / 45.38, 27.06Coordinates: 45°22′48″N 27°3′36″E / 45.38, 27.06
Country Flag of Romania.svg Romania
County Buzău County
Status Municipality
 • Mayor Constantin Ghinoiu (Democratic Party)
Population (2000)
 • Total 38,805
Time zone EET (UTC+2)
 • Summer (DST) EEST (UTC+3)

Râmnicu Sărat (Romanian pronunciation: [ˈrɨmniku səˈrʌt], German: Rümnick or Rebnick) is a city in Buzău County, Romania. It was declared a municipality in 1439. On December 21, 1994 it celebrated its 555th anniversary.

The city rises from a marshy plain, east of the Carpathians, and west of the cornlands of southern Moldavia. Salt and petroleum are worked in the mountains, and there is a considerable trade in agricultural produce and preserved meat.

Population Edit

  • 1900: 3,134
  • 2000: 38,805
Gara rm sarat

The Râmnicu Sărat train station, designed by Anghel Saligny

History Edit

Râmnicu Sărat was the scene of battles between the Wallachians and Ottomans in 1634, 1434 and 1573.

It was also here that, in 1789 (during the Russo–Turkish War of 1787–1792, an army of Imperial Russian and Habsburg troops, commanded by Alexander Suvorov, defeated the Ottoman forces in the Battle of Rymnik. For this victory, Suvorov was awarded the victory title of "Count of Rymnik" or "Rimniksky" (граф Рымникский) by empress Catherine the Great of Russia.

In 1854 the city was almost destroyed by fire and was rebuilt.


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