The ancestors of Ramborg Knutsdatter linking her to the Royal family of Sweden are as follows. Numbered individuals represent high-ranking nobility, as explained in the section below the tree.

Ancestor TreeEdit

  • Ramborg Knutsdatter (c1353-?)
    • Knut Algotson
      • Algot Brynjulfson (lawyer in Vestergotland)
        • Brynjulf Bengtson
          • Benkt Magnusson (lawyer in Vestergotland)
            • Magnus Eskilsson
              • Eskil Magnusson
              • Kristina Nikolausdatter
                • Nikolaus Blake
                • Katarina Eriksdatter #1
            • Hafrid Sigtryggsdatter
              • Sigtrygg Bengtson
                • Bengt ?
              • ? Magnusdatter
                • Magnus Bengtson
                  • Bengt Folkeson #2
                  • ? Ulfsdatter
                    • Ulf ?
          • Margareta ?
        • Ingegerd Svantepolksdatter
      • Kristina Tolvesdatter
        • Tolve ?
    • Märta Ulfsdatter (1322-?)

Royal LineagesEdit

  1. Katarina Eriksdatter was a Swedish princess, the daughter of King Eric IX of Sweden (ruled 1150-1160) and his wife Queen Kristina Bjørnsdatter.
  2. Bengt Folkeson was a Swedish magnate. (Bengt Snivil on Wikipedia). According to Saxo Grammaticus, he was the son of Folke the Fat and Ingegerd of Denmark.
  3. Svantepolk Knutson was a Swedish justice. For a list of his known ancestors click here.
  4. Sune Folkeson was an earl of Sweden. He was the son of Folke Birgersson, who in turn was the son of Birger Brosa and Brigida of Norway. Birger was a brother of Magnus Bengtson and son of Bengt Folkeson (see #7 below and #2 above).
  5. Helene Sverkesdatter was a Swedish princess. She was the daughter of King Sverker II and Queen Benedicta of Sweden.
  6. Karl Karlson II, a.k.a. Karl Døve Karlsson became the earl of Korsridder, Drept and Rotala in 1220. His father was persumably named Karl.
  7. Magnus Bengtson was a high-ranking member of Swedish nobility. (Magnus Minniskiöld on Wikipedia). His father was Bengt Folkeson (see #2 above). His mother is presently unknown. Contentions that his mother was Sigrid Lakman are not likely to be accurate.

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