Four or more generations of descendants of Ramon Berenguer I of Barcelona (1024-1076) if they are properly linked:
1. Ramon Berenguer I of Barcelona (1024-1076)

2. Berenguer of Barcelona (c1040-c1045)
2. Arnau of Barcelona (c1042-c1045)
2. Pere Ramon of Barcelona (1050-1073)
2. Berenguer Ramon II of Barcelona (c1053-1097)
2. Ramon Berenguer II of Barcelona (c1053-1082)
3. Ramon Berenguer III of Barcelona (1082-1132)
4. Maria of Barcelona (c1105-c1111)
4. Almodis of Barcelona (c1126-aft1175)
5. Hug Ponce de Cervera (more)
5. Ponce de Cervera (more)
5. Berenguer de Cervera (more)
5. Gaia de Cervera (more)
4. Berenguela of Barcelona (1116-1149)
5. Sancho III, King of Castile (1134-1158) (more)
5. Ramon of Castille (?-aft1136) (more)
5. Ferdinand II, King of León (1137-1188) (more)
5. Constance of Castile (c1140-1160) (more)
5. Sancha of Castile (c1139-1179) (more)
5. Garcia of Castille (c1142-1145) (more)
5. Alfonso of Castile (c1144-bef1150) (more)
4. Ramon Berenguer IV of Barcelona (1115-1162)
5. Dulce of Aragon (1160-1198) (more)
5. Alfonso II of Aragon (1157-1196) (more)
5. Peter of Cerdanya (c1158-?) (more)
5. Ramon Berenguer III of Provence (c1158-1181) (more)
5. Sancho of Provence (1161-1223) (more)
5. Ramon of Aragon (c1162-?) (more)
4. Berenguer Ramon I de Provence (c1115-1144)
4. Bernat of Barcelona (?-?)
4. Jimena of Barcelona (c1117-aft1136)
5. Roger Bernard de Foix (c1130-1188) (more)
5. Dulce de Foix (more)
4. Estefania of Barcelona (c1118-c1165)
2. Ines of Barcelona (1056-1071)
3. Guigues-Raymond of Albon (c1071-c1118)
4. Guigues I de Forez (c1092-aft1137)
5. Guigues II de Forez (c1130-1226) (more)
2. Sancha of Barcelona (c1057-1095)
3. Guillem II de Cerdanya (c1079-1109)
3. Bernat I de Cerdanya (c1080-1118)

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