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Ranulf I de Warenne was born 998 in Varenne, France and died 1058 in Varenne, France of unspecified causes.


Rudolf I (or Ranulf) Seigneur de Varrene, Born circa 998, Died before 1059.

Rudolf married to Beatrix de Vascoeuil (1020-1059), a daughter of Vicomte Tesselin of Rouen and a niece of Gunnor of Crêpon, wife of Richard I "the Fearless", 3rd Duke of Normandy. This Gunnor had many neices that produced many of the leading Norman Knights of the era.

Rudolf and Beatrix had a son: Rudolf II de Warenne. The history of Ranulf's grandson, William de Warenne, notes that he did battle in 1052-1054 with Roger de Mortemer, supposedly his uncle.

Another source claims that this person to be Hugh, Bishop of Constances. "The House of Warren can be traced to Hugh of Normandy, born 990, later ordained Bishop of Contances. He married a sister of Gunnora, the wife of Richard I, Duke of Normandy. Rodulf, son to Hugh, a benefactor to the Abbey of La Trinite du Mont, died c1050. He married first Beatrix and secondly Emma." This argument has been refuted here.


Offspring of Rodulf de Warenne and Beatrice of Rouen (1008-)
Name Birth Death Joined with
Roger de Mortimer (990-1070) 990 1074 Advisa

Rodulf II de Warenne (1030-1074) 1030 Varenne, France 24 June 1074 Bellencombe, France Emma Torta de Pont-Audemer (1020-1059)

Footnotes (including sources)

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