Richard Haggar (1724 - 1763)



Richard Haggar was born in Therfield, Hertfordshire. he was christened on 18 February 1724. Richard's parents were William Haggar (1693-1763) and Martha. His siblings were William, Elizabeth, John, George, Thomas, Martha, Flora, Sarah and Edward. On 20 April in Sandon, Hertfordshire, Richard married Mary Nutting. Richard died aged thirty-nine and was buried in Therfield, Hertfordshire on 26 October 1763.


Richard and Mary had six children:

  • Martha Haggar (1750)
  • John Haggar (1752)
  • William Haggar (1754)
  • Thomas Haggar (1756)
  • Richard Haggar (1758-1849)
  • Mary Haggar (1762-1796)

Notes and referencesEdit

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