Richard James Hancox
Sex: Male
Birth: August 23rd, 1873, West Derby
Death: After 1956
Father: Harry Hancox (?-c1885)
Mother: Maria Mary Merrett (?-c1908)
Spouse/Partner: Marian Gilmour Croskery (1879-aft1956)
Marriage: October 21st, 1908, Birkenhead
Children: 1. Geoffrey Hancox
2. Joan Nyria Denton-Barker (1918-2004)

Richard James Hancox was born on the twenty-third of August, 1873 at number six Suburban Road in West Derby (Lancashire, UK)[1]. On October 21st, 1908, he and Marian Gilmour Croskery were married in Birkenhead[2]. By 1956 they were living in New Milton in Hampshire[3][4].


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