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Richard Simon Jozef Tol was born 2 December 1969 in Hoorn to Nicolaas H. Tol (1939-) and Martha C.M. Korver (1941-) . He married Julie Anne Stokes (?-) 2003 in Kilcash. Ancestors are from the Netherlands, Germany, Finland.

Richard was born in Hoorn, grew up in Zwaag, worked in Amsterdam, Pittsburgh, Hamburg, Princeton, Dublin and is now based in England. He researches the economics of climate change.


Offspring of Richard Tol and Julie Anne Stokes (?-)
Name Birth Death Joined with
Meabh A.M. Tol (2008) 2008 Dublin, Ireland
Ciaran N.P. Tol (2010) 2010 Dublin, Ireland


Offspring of Nico Tol and Martha C.M. Korver (1941-)
Name Birth Death Joined with
Yvonne A.A.M. Tol (1966-) 1966 Hoorn, North Holland, Netherlands Klaas van Leyden (1960-)

J.N. Ronald Tol (1968-) 1968 Hoorn, North Holland, Netherlands Jacqueline Borst

Richard S.J. Tol (1969-) 2 December 1969 Hoorn Julie Anne Stokes (?-)

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