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The first record of Richard Sykes in New England was when he joined the Church in Dorchester, Massachusetts the 4th day 9th month 1639, November 4, 1639. It's not known on what ship he arrived. A relation of religious experience or confessions was a necessary prerequisite to church membership in 1639. This would have taken some time so Richard probably arrived in the Spring of 1639 at the latest. The next record showing him is becoming a Freeman, 13th day 3th month 1640, May 13, 1640 at Cambridge Mass. He is included in the list, in sequence, with several other Dorchester men. He would have to have been 21 to become a Freeman so that makes his birth in England before May 1619.

Phebe Sykes joined the church in Dorchester on the 9 day 4 month 1640, 9 June 1640. This is the first record of Phebe in New England, her surname has not been found. It was reported to be ‘Green’ by Elizabeth (Oviatt) Browning (see Sources), but from other records this has been proved not true.

There is an active investigation that she might be Phoebe Cooley sister to Benjamin Cooley another early Springfield family. In Benjamin Cooley’s will he mentions "my cousen Sikes land ..." and there is a Phoebe Cooley bp. 10 Nov 1609 and a Benjamin Cooley bp. 25 Feb 1615/6 at Tring, Hertford, England.

Richard & Phebe were probably born before 1619 for a couple of reasons: first Phebe had her last child, James, in 1651. If she was in her early 40's that would put her birth about 1610. Richard also asked for release from Training on 24 Sept 1661 due to age and weakness; if he was in his early 60's that would make his birth about 1600.



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