Richard Taylor (1652-1694)Edit

Many believe he is the son of Richard "The Rock" Taylor (Richard Taylor (abt 1625-1703), but evidence does not support this. At this time, there is no documented evidence of his parentage.

Vital statisticsEdit

  • Sex: Male
  • Born: abt. 1652 at unknown location.
  • Died: July 9, 1694 possibly in Sudbury, according to the administration of his will.


It remains to be seen/proven who this Richard Taylor's parents were.



  1. Richard Taylor (1678-1753); m. Sarah Unknown (1680-1741)
  2. John Taylor (1680-?)
  3. Elizabeth Taylor (1682-?)
  4. Anna Taylor (1684-?)
  5. Lydia Taylor (1686-?)
  6. Caleb Taylor (1690-?)


Military serviceEdit

He served in King Philip's War in 1675 under Capt. Sill. He attained the title of Sergeant, at least.


The administration of his will (1694) refers to him as a carpenter.

Related entriesEdit

The administration of his estate can be found in Middlesex Probate Records, Vol. 9, p. 785.




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