Robert E. Perry is listed on the Perry Research Website as the progenitor of one of the Perry Family Groups. He was born about 1777 probably in Bedford County, VA. Tradition states that his family was from Ireland and according to another tradition, Robert wasn’t Perry, but a Wright that was raised by a Perry family. Recent DNA testing has proven the link between Robert and a Wright family. He seems to have been related to a Thomas Wright who died in Bedford County, VA in 1763. Robert may have been a descendant (possibly a grandson) of Thomas.

Robert married Frances H. Basham and had six children. Robert’s first two sons were born in Bedford County, VA and his wife Frances was born in neighboring Franklin County where a Perry family lived. This Perry family may have been the same family that raised Robert. We first see a William Perrey (note the spelling) in the area about 1780 and then George Perry appears on the personal property tax list in Franklin County in 1788 (Franklin County formed in 1786). This same George, along with Jacob (both listed as Pearry), was on the tax list of 1799 in Franklin County.

Soon after his marriage to Frances, Robert and his family moved to Kanawha County around 1808 in what would later become West Virginia. This was during the time that few people lived in the Kanawha River Valley and Robert’s family was among the early settlers to the area. The family settled on Cabin Creek, where Robert’s other four children were born. Robert worked as a schoolteacher and along with his wife, spent the rest of his life in the area. Robert can be found on the census records in Kanawha County for the years 1810, 1830, 1840, 1850, & 1860. Neither Robert nor Frances has been found on the 1870 census, so they probably had passed away. Robert's six children are listed below. For further information on this family go to the Perry Research website and click on Robert E Perry of Kanawha.