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 Birth placeDeath placeFatherMotherJoined with
Robert Hester (1859-)Dewitt County, TexasSamuel Frances Hester (-c1861)Sarah Elder (c1835-)
Robert Hester (1859-1935)Wright County, Missouri, United StatesO'Donnell, Dawson County, Texas, United StatesWiley Hester (1829)Elizabeth Gass (1832)Alice Dardin (1861) + Jane Duncan (1873) + Sarah Lowrie (1872)
Robert Hope Hull Hester (c1811-1872)Salem, Clarke County, Georgia, United StatesSamuel HesterElizabeth GreenwoodRoxanna Martin (1837) +Abigail Barnett (1848) +Amanda Terry (-1912)
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  • Robert Hester (c1857): when 23, a laborer on the farm of Gray Stephens (1835) in Bosque, Texas. Born Texas, Parents birthplace not given.[1]
  • Robert F Hester: Robert Hester (1857) Texas (mostly Dawson county). Born 1857 in Missouri, 1st wife Jane Cordelia, 2nd wife Sudie. Confused with Rusk County Robert (c1857).
    • Robert Hester: born Ca 1859. Bell Texas. Probably the same as Robert Hester (1857). Married to Alice E. (1861), son Jesse (1879, In-Law Mary Darden (1834) and family. On the following page of the 1880 Census is probable father Wiley Hester Born 1830 married to Elizabeth. See Wiley Hesters list.[2]
      • Confirmation: Famsearch Report of marriage of Robert Fulton Hester to Alice Eugene DARDIN 17 AUG 1876 , Bell, Texas
  • Robert Hester: Born ca 1857 Rusk County, Texas (in 1860) Parents Joseph & Nancy. Siblings Wyatt (1853) William (1855) Elizabeth (1855) S.L (1860) [3]

Robert Hester: Dewitt County Texas. Born ca 1859. Cf Robert Hester (1859-?) above. Siblings Augusta (1855, died 1934) James (1857), Mary (1861). [4]. This is all in error. The children listed here were born to Samuel Frances Hester and Sarah Fannie Elder in Dewitt County.. They were married 1854 in Georgia. Samuel Frances apparently died (unknown how) ca.1861-63, and his wife subsequently married James Monroe Fleming. The confusion here may stem from the fact that Samuel Frances Hester's father was Robert Hope Hull Hester.

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