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Houston, 1882 See Houston, 1882:22-23

He was the son of John Houston and was born in Ireland about seventeen hundred and twenty (1720). He lived on "Timber Ridge," some five or six miles northeast of Lexington, the county-seat of Rockbridge County, VA., and owned the farm on which the "Timber Ridge Church" is located. The first, church called by this name, was a log building, situated about two miles from the present stone house, in the direction of New Providence Church. The building of stone was erected in the year seventeen hundred and fifty-six (1756), and the "Timber Ridge Church" was organised in the same year.
Robert Houston married Margared DAVIDSON, daughter of Samuel and Ann Dunlap.

Their children were as follows:

1.John Houston,
2. Sam'l Houston,
3. Bettie Houston,
4. Margaret Houston,
5. Esther Houston,
6. Mary Houston.
Their parents lived and died at their first home on Timber Ridge, and their bodies were interred in what was known as the "Blue Ball Graveyard".


Spouse: Margaret Davidson (c1725-1745)
Father: John Houston (c1680-?)
Mother: ____ Cunningham



Children of Margaret Davidson (c1725-1745) by Robert Houston (1720-1761) Edit This List
John Houston (?-?) "Miss Ann Logan" Houston, 1882:23 provides relatively little information about the family of John Houston; He notes that he married a "Miss Logan", that they lived and died at Collierstown, "not far" from Lexington, and were buried in the cemetery of a neighboring church called "Oxford". Collierstown lies in the Buffalo watershed, about 15 miles west of Lexington, and well outside the boundaries of Borden's Grant. Houston further notes that they had a large family, "eccentric in their dispositions", and that they scattered to the west. Some identify her as "Ann Logan", but primary or at least good secondary sourcing is needed for that change.
Samuel Houston (1752-1807) Callighans Hotel, Allegheny Co, VA Elizabeth Paxton (?-?) Houston, 1882:23 Elizabeth the dau. of John Paxton, who came with the Houstons to America
Bettie Houston (?-?) James McLung Houston, 1882:36]
Margaret Houston (?-?) James Hopkins Houston, 1882:36]
Ester Houston (?-?) james McKee lived and died on Buffalo Creek, Rockbridge. [Houston, 1882:45]
Mary Houston (?-?) John Letcher Lived in Rockbridge Co. Houston, 1882:47]

Family historyEdit


The accompanying figure shows the approximte location of Houston land holdings on Borden's grant during the early settlement era (c1740-1750). The immigrant ancestor, John Houston (1680-1754) (1), settled close to the boundary between Borden's grant and Beverley's Manor. His son Robert Houston (1720-1761) (3) settled further south, near the Timber Ridge Meeting House. Son [[John Houston (1726-1798) settled somewhere on Hays Creek. The exact location of his property is not known. The relationship between John the immigrant and James Houston (4) who settled in the northeastern most corner of Borden's grant has not been deteremined. Supposedly John the immigrant did have a son James, but this son is said to have remained in Ireland, dying of consumption shortly after the family's migration in 1735, It is possible that he is a grandson of John the Immigrant, but he's clearly an adult c1740, and the sons of John the immigrant would just have reached marriagable ages at that time, and so would not have adult children.
Houston Land Holdings (c1740-1750)




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