Lord Robert Keith, Master of Marischal was the son of William Keith, 2nd Earl Marischal, and Lady Elizabeth Gordon.

Lord Robert Keith, Master of Marischal, was born in Scotland. He married Lady Elizabeth Douglas some time before January 8 1505.

Lord Keith was involved in the Battle at Flodden field on 9 September 1513. This battle was when King Henry VIII of England's northern army under Thomas Howard, Earl of Surrey, annihilated the invading Scots army near Branxton, Northumberland. Among the more than 10,000 dead was James IV King of Scotland. His infant son would succeed him as James V King of Scotland and the queen, Margaret Tudor, would assume the regency.

He is stated to have died in 1513, though notes that he died some time between 24 August 1525 and 22 April 1525.

It is unclear whether Lord Keith died in the battle at Flodden Field, despite the amazing coincidence of death date and the battle at Flodden Field. It is noted that Lord Keith died before his father. Lord Keith was said to have been killed at the Battle of Flodden, 1513, but still alive on 5 April 1514 per Sir James Balfour Paul's "Scots Peerage". He was definitely alive on 10/10/1518, when he gave consent to a charter by his father Earl William to his younger brother Gilbert, of the lands of Troupe. See NRS GD57/1/133.

Robert Keith was styled as Lord Keith, Master of Marischal.



Offspring of Robert Keith and Elizabeth Douglas (1496-1527
Name Birth Death Joined with
William Keith (1506-1581)
Robert Keith (1508-1551)
Christina Keith (1512-1553) 1512 Keith, East Lothian, Scotland, United Kingdom William Warrender (1500s-1500s)
Robert Arbuthnott (1508-1579)

Elizabeth Keith (1515-1562)
Janet Keith (c1528-1559)

Research has him listed as "born before 1493", though there isn't anything that disputes his being born in 1483. also notes that there were 2 families, and that Christian Kieth is of the second family... but there is no indication of a second marriage.

Guy Davis-compiled information and converted it into article format.

Guy and Gia Davis Family Research Project


Ahnentafel of Robert Keith (1483-1513)
The numbers beside each individual are of interest to some researchers. For details see help on Ahnentafel lists of ancestors. In a nutshell, the numbers are used to reveal the relation of the ancestor to the subject. For example, 6 corresponds to maternal grandfather.

Generation 1

1. Robert Keith (1483-1513)
Birth: 1483. Death: 1513.

Generation 2

2. William Keith (1460-1530)
3. Elizabeth Gordon (1465-1525)
Birth: 1465. Death: 1525.

Generation 3

6. George Gordon, 2nd Earl of Huntly (bef1455-1501)
Birth: 1441. Death: 8 June 1501.
7. Annabelle Stewart (1432-1509)
Birth: 1432. Death: 27 June 1509.

Footnotes (including sources)

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