Robert ShandEdit

Robert was son of William Shand (1734-1807) and Jean Laing (1745-1808) It was his brother William (1788-1819) who married Mary Dawson

Vital StatisticsEdit

  • Height: 5ft 9in in 1794


Robert Shand is the son/daughter of William Shand (Bef 1764-Aft 1778) and Mary Dawson (Bef 1764-Aft 1778).




He worked as a Labourer before 1794 in Rhynie And Essie, Aberdeenshire, Scotland, United Kingdom. The First Muster Roll. Name Attest. Age Height Birthplace Trade Shand, Robert May 12 28 5ft 9in Rhynie Labourer

Military ServiceEdit

He served in the military 100th Regiment of Foot, Gordon Highlanders on 12 May 1794 in Aberdeen, Aberdeen, Scotland, United Kingdom




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