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Robert Stickler was born circa 1877 in Pucklechurch, Bristol, England, United Kingdom to Gabriel Stickler (1844-1899) and Elizabeth Ann Haskins (c1846-1884) and died 19 December 1945 in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada of unspecified causes. He married Florence Beatrice Perry (c1882-1909) 1899 in St. Mathews Moorfields, St George, Bristol, England, United Kingdom. He married Catherine Lawrie (1881-1964) 25 February 1916 in Vancouver. Ancestors are from the United Kingdom.

Robert the second child of Gabriel and Elizabeth Stickler was born in 1876 in Pucklechurch. He immigrated to Canada in 1904 along with his sister Amelia, and Aunt Ellen Jane Stockton (nee Stickler) and her three children. Robert settled in Vancouver, British Columbia. He was previously married in Bristol to Florence Beatrice Perry and they had at least one son, Ernest Gerald Stickler born c1900. In Canada he married Catherine Lawrie and they bought up four children, Arthur, Robert William, John Lawrie, and Clifford. Robert eventually developed rheumatoid arthritis and reportedly spent much of his later life searching for a cure to this disease. Because of his preoccupation with his affliction he spent less time with the family while he was seeking help for his problem. Robert died in 1945.


Offspring of Robert Stickler and Florence Beatrice Perry (c1882-1909)
Name Birth Death Joined with
Ernest Gerald Stickler (c1900-)

Offspring of Robert Stickler and Catherine Lawrie (1881-1964)
Name Birth Death Joined with
Arthur Stickler (-)
Robert William (c1915-1985)
John Lawrie (1919-)
Clifford Lawrie (1924-1992)

With the exception of Arthur Stickler, who returned to England after his arrest in Vancouver, all the other children of Robert Stickler (1877-1945) and Catherine Lawrie (1881-1964) lived at one time in the Vancouver, BC area.

Arthur Stickler Robert's son Arthur Stickler, bought up with his wife and family in Canada, was an illegitimate son of Robert not by Robert's wife Catherine Lawrie?

Arthur returned to England after his arrest in Vancouver for what was a 'stupid petty theft'.

Robert William Stickler His second son, Robert William Stickler, married Shirley Darngrough and they had three children.

John Lawrie Stickler His third son, John Lawrie Stickler, settled in Vancouver Island, and

Clifford Stickler His fourth son, Clifford, married Joan Wilkinson who went to Canada as a war bride; she was married at the time but divorced her husband after her giving birth to Trevor; her son by Clifford Stickler.

Namesakes of Robert Stickler (c1877-1945)

  Birth place Death place Father Mother Joined with
Robert Stickler (1838-1909) Pucklechurch, Bristol (Pucklechurch+ Bristol+ England) Bristol Charles Stickler (1806-1896) Eliza Jefferies (c1810-1891) Elizabeth Rawle (c1838-?)+Georgiana Smart (c1853-1896)
Robert Stickler (c1877-1945) Pucklechurch, Bristol, England, United Kingdom Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada Gabriel Stickler (1844-1899) Elizabeth Ann Haskins (c1846-1884) Florence Beatrice Perry (c1882-1909)+Catherine Lawrie (1881-1964)
Robert Harrison Stickler (1888-1970) Lansford, Pennsylvania, United States United States Issac Mealing Stickler (1848-1910) Martha Ann Hill (1857-1941) Bertha Cunning (1889-1992)

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Facts about "Robert Stickler (c1877-1945)"RDF feed
Age at death68 +
AncestryUnited Kingdom +
Birth blurb1877
Birth countyBristol +
Birth date1877 +
Birth date-approxc +
Birth date string1877
Birth latitude51.487 +
Birth localityPucklechurch +
Birth longitude-2.435 +
Birth nationUnited Kingdom +
Birth nation-subdiv1England +
Birth place Pucklechurch, Bristol, England, United Kingdom
Birth year1,877 +
Children-g1Ernest Gerald Stickler (c1900-) +
Children-g2Arthur Stickler (-) +, Robert William (c1915-1985) +, John Lawrie (1919-) + and Clifford Lawrie (1924-1992) +
Children-list1Ernest Gerald Stickler (c1900-)
Children-list2Arthur Stickler (-)+Robert William (c1915-1985)+John Lawrie (1919-)+Clifford Lawrie (1924-1992)
ContributorsUser:Nathanville +
Contributors-display stringNathanville
Death blurb19 December 1945
Death date19 December 1945 +
Death date string19 December 1945
Death day19 +
Death latitude49.25 +
Death localityVancouver +
Death longitude-123.1 +
Death month12 +
Death nationCanada +
Death nation-subdiv1British Columbia +
Death place Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Death year1,945 +
Desc1Ernest Gerald Stickler (c1900-) +, Arthur Stickler (-) +, Robert William (c1915-1985) +, John Lawrie (1919-) + and Clifford Lawrie (1924-1992) +
DescriptionImmigrated to Canada.
FatherGabriel Stickler (1844-1899) +
Given nameRobert +
Ifmarried-g1true +
Ifmarried-g2true +
Joined withFlorence Beatrice Perry (c1882-1909)+Catherine Lawrie (1881-1964) +
Joined with-g1Florence Beatrice Perry (c1882-1909) +
Joined with-g2Catherine Lawrie (1881-1964) +
Long nameRobert Stickler +
MotherElizabeth Ann Haskins (c1846-1884) +
Notable ancestors
Page language
SexM +
Short nameRobert Stickler +
Spouse latitude
Spouse longitude
SurnameStickler +
Wedding1 addressSt. Mathews Moorfields +
Wedding1 countyBristol +
Wedding1 date1899 +
Wedding1 localitySt George, Bristol +
Wedding1 nationUnited Kingdom +
Wedding1 nation-subdiv1England +
Wedding1 place St. Mathews Moorfields, St George, Bristol, England, United Kingdom
Wedding1 year1,899 +
Wedding2 date25 February 1916 +
Wedding2 day25 +
Wedding2 localityVancouver +
Wedding2 month2 +
Wedding2 place Vancouver
Wedding2 year1,916 +

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