Rev. Robert Stockton was born 12 December 1743 in Albemarle County, Virginia, United States to Richard Stockton, Sr. (c1710-1775) and Agnes Unknown (c1711) and died 21 September 1824 in Henry County, Virginia, United States of unspecified causes. He married Catherine Blakey (1753) 7 September 1768 in Buckingham County, Virginia, United States.

Died: 21 Sep 1824 in Barren County, Kentucky


Offspring of Rev. Robert Stockton and Catherine Blakey (1753)
Name Birth Death Joined with
Rachel Stockton (1770)
Robert Stockton (1772)
Nancy Stockton (1774)
Dorothea Stockton (1777)
Theodocia (Docia) Stockton (1780)
Unity Stockton (1782)
Reuben B Stockton (1785)
Frances Blakey (Fanny) Stockton (1787)
Katherine Stockton (1789)
Prudence Stockton (1792)
James P Stockton (1794
Joseph Blakey Stockton (1798-1870) 24 July 1798 Henry County, Virginia, United States 31 July 1870 Edmonton, Metcalfe County, Kentucky, United States Emily Hook (1804-)
Elma Eliza Parish (1815-)
  1. Rachel Stockton b: 27 Nov 1770 in Henry Counry, Virginia
  2. Robert Stockton b: 6 Aug 1772 in Henry Counry, Virginia
  3. Nancy Stockton b: 26 Apr 1774 in Henry Counry, Virginia
  4. Dorothea Stockton b: 11 Nov 1777 in Henry Counry, Virginia
  5. Theodocia (Docia) Stockton b: 26 Mar 1780 in Henry Counry, Virginia
  6. Unity Stockton b: 13 Mar 1782 in Henry Counry, Virginia
  7. Reuben B Stockton Dr. b: 23 Mar 1785 in Henry Counry, Virginia
  8. Frances Blakey (Fanny) Stockton b: 15 Jun 1787 in Henry Counry, Virginia
  9. Katherine Stockton b: 17 Oct 1789 in Henry Counry, Virginia
  10. Prudence Stockton b: 16 Jan 1792 in Henry Counry, Virginia
  11. James P Stockton b: 22 Jan 1794 in Henry Counry, Virginia
  12. Joseph Blakey Stockton (1798-1870)

Footnotes (including sources)

‡ General
  • THE STOCKTON FAMILY OF NEW JERSEY AND OTHER STOCKTONS, Dr. Thomas Coates Stockton, 1911, Appendix "Other Stocktons", pg 244; "Robert Stockton appears to have rem. to Henry Co., Va. He is not shown by the census of 1790 in Albemarle Co.; but in January, 1782, Robert Stockton of Henry Co. was allowed 6 pounds 10 shillings for 650 pounds of beef furnished to Jesse Heard Com'y Prov.; and was also credited with having furnished 2 bushels of corn, 22 diets, pasturage for 23 days of public cattle, and some bundles of fodder. This is all that has been learned about him."
  • ANCESTRY.COM; BARREN COUNTY, KY WILLS 1820-1826; Will Book 2, pg 391[abstracted] Dated 11 FE B 1820; Son, Reuben B, 2 youngest sons James P and Joseph B, daughters Rachel Howard, Dolly Thompson, Doshey Garnett, Unity Lee, Catherine Bishop and Prudence Hall, Daughter Fanny Hall dec'd Wife Catherine, Grandson Benjamin Haden, daughter Nancy Robertson; Witnesses George Yates , Alpheus Yates, James A Sherly and John Sherley; probate OCT 1824
  • Historic Families of KY, Thomas Marshall Green, 1889
  • MARRIAGE, IGI; B7934401, 7 Sep 1768, Henry Co, VA (formed 1776)
  • To KY in 1799, bought 200 acres west of Edmonton; Minister of Strawberry Baptist Church; Revolutionary War, prisoner at Brandywine
  • KENTUCKY LAND GRANTS; BARREN CO., DB 9:156, 24 JUL 1799; Robert Stockton, 200 a cres on Sinks Beaver Creek
  • Barren Co., KY; DB AA:124, 18 JUN 1804; Robert Stockton Sr. to Robert Stockton Jr. and Reuben B. Stockton, land near Smoking springs
  • DAR LIST OF PATRIOTS INDEX, VOL III, PG 651; gives death as 21 SEP 1825; CHP-VA (Chaplin; VA)
  • DAR #8549 Mattie Robertson Bernard; served as Chaplin in the Virginia Line; taken prisoner at Brandywine. born VA; d. Barren Co., KY(1743-1824)
  • 1800 BARREN CO., KY TAX LIST; Robert Sr and Robert Jr, also Newberry, Samuel and Thomas (no T was listed)
  • 1810 BARREN CO., KY; ROBERT 00111-00011-00 #39; also Jesse, Susanna, Thomas and Thomas
  • 1820 BARREN CO., KY CENSUS INDEX; ROBERT, Newberry, Susanna and Thomas Sr.
  • 1830 BARREN CO., KY CENSUS INDEX; Only Frances E, Joseph B and Newberry left in Barren Co, all 3 in Glasgow.
  • ROBERTSON, PURCELL AND RELATED FAMILIES, LAURA PURCELL ROBERTSON, 1926, MO She used J.W. STOCKTON as a source for Richard; "Minutes of the Green River Baptist Assoc.," 1825 RE Rev Robert. ; Also "Virginia Baptist Ministers,” by James B. Taylor, pg 206-208”; Family Records of Stockton, Garnett, and Eubank Families, 1904 (J.W. Stockton was referring to Richard Stockton of NJ, not this line.)
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  • DAVIS STOCKTON OF VIRGINIA, 1972, JOHNSON & SMITH, pg 45; shows landholdings per History of Patrick and Henry Co, VA by Pedigo; "Henry Co Grants or Patents";

p. 304, #40, p 554 172 acres on the water's of Smith's River, adjoining his own land (no date) p. 323, #513, p 394 25 FEB 1784, 565 acres on Sycamore Ck, adjoining land of Bartley Folie; p. 323, #526, p 445 27 FEB 1784, 350 acres on the water's of Beard's Ck ,adjoining his own land; p. 323, #527, p 447 286 acres on the waters of Nicholas' Ck, adjoining his own land; p. 348, #1016, p 590 4 MAY 1799, 328 acre on the waters of Leatherwood Ck, adjoining Jesse Crouch's land.

  • Stockton History by Ralph Sevier Stockton; uses J.W .Stockton also, and Family Bible of Joseph B. Stockton, Sr., Edmonton, KY; jumps from Mjr. Robert Stockton, NJ to Robert father of Rev. Ebenezer straight to Robert m. Katherine Blakey. Gives Robert's birth as 1 NOV 1743, cites Minutes of Green River Baptist Assoc, 1825; "Since our last annual meeting, we have to record the death of our much beloved brother and father in the Gospel, Elder Robert Stockton. He lived to the advanced age of eight-one, and was in the ministry more than half a century with his Savior and his God, and we doubt not that through the riches of Sovereign Grace he is now numbered with the redeemed millions in the Kingdom of Glory, while the under shepherds in Christ's Militant Kingdom are dropping off and going into Eternity, let us beseech the Lord to send more laborers into the Vinyard."
  • KENTUCKY BIOGRAPHIES (RG 976.9 B) pg 175, "Rev. Robert Stockton(maternal grandfather), was a native of VA and a KY Pioneer, was a Baptist minister who distinguished himself as such in the Green River country in the early years of the present century. His ancestors were from Scotland".
  • VA BAPTIST MINISTERS 1760-1790, A BIOGRAPHICAL SURVEY, VOL 1; William S. Simpson, Jr. 1990; " Stockton, Robert. Separate. Born 12 DEC 1743 in an area of Goochland Co., VA which later became Albemarle Co., the son of Richard Stockton and Agnes (-). "Received a moderate English education... Brought up to the trade of hatter, by which he acquired a good estate." Moved to Henry Co., about 1769. Reared in the PresbyterianChurch. His Baptist origins are uncertain ... presumably ordained, 1772. Planted Leatherwood Church, Henry Co, 1772;' minister of same 1772-17 98. Moderator 2nd Snow Creek and Pig River Churches 1788-1798. Moderator Strawberry Assoc. Move d to KY 1790; settled in Metcalfe Co. Planted Dripping Springs Church 1798-1816; minister same 1816-1824. Moderator Green River Assoc. Capt red of Pittsylvania Co., militia c1769-1771. Served as chaplain in the Continental Line during Rev.; captured by British during Battle of Brandywine & imprisoned 1777-1779. Died 21 SEP 1824 in area of Barren Co., which later became Metcalfe Co; buried in family cemetery on his homestead (west from Edmonton onus. 68-State Rt8 0 for 4 miles & turn right at the REV. ROBERT STOCKTON HISTORICAL MARKER. Follow an entrance road about 1 mile. The inscription on his tombstone was still visible in AUG 1986) Marrie d 7 SEP 1768 Catherine Blakey (1753-1825). Survived by wife, 3 sons, 5 daughters.
  • THIS IS Rev. Robert Stockton of Strawberry Bapt. Church, descendant of Davis Stockton, who is often confused with Quartermaster Robert Stockton of the NJ line because he also served in the Revolution and was taken prisoner in NY
  • The Name and Family of Blakey, Compiled by The Media Research Bureau of Washington D.C. Photo copied at FHL. (Blakey, Haden, George and Stockton)
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  • Whitsitt, William H.. "Annals of a Scotch-Irish Family: The Whitsitts of Nashville, Tennessee ". The American Historical Magazine,Jan-Apr-Jul-Oct1904 Reprint 1995 by Friends of Mill Creek Baptist Church Graveyard.
Ω Birth
  • See his father's page for notes.


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