Four or more generations of descendants of Robert de Clavering, 1st Baron Clavering (c1247-1310) if they are properly linked:
1. Robert de Clavering, 1st Baron Clavering (c1247-1310)

2. Euphemia de Clavering (c1266-c1320)
3. Joan Neville (c1283-?)
3. Anastasia Neville (c1285-?)
3. Robert Neville (c1287-1319)
3. Ida Neville (c1289-?)
3. Ralph Neville, 2nd Baron Neville of Raby (c1291-1367)
4. John Neville, 3rd Baron Neville de Raby (1328-1388)
5. Alice de Neville (c1358-1433) (more)
5. Ralph de Neville, 1st Earl of Westmorland (c1364-1425) (more)
5. Thomas de Neville, 5th Baron Furnival (c1377-1406) (more)
5. Alice de Neville (more)
5. Maud de Neville (1379-) (more)
5. Idoine de Neville (more)
5. Eleanor de Neville (1379-1441) (more)
5. Elizabeth de Neville (more)
5. John de Neville, 6th Lord Latimer (1382-1430) (more)
5. Elizabeth de Neville, Baroness Latimer (1388-?) (more)
4. Margaret Neville (1329-1372)
5. Ralph Percy (c1359-1397) (more)
5. Henry Percy (1364-1403) (more)
5. Thomas Percy (c1366-1388) (more)
5. Margaret Percy (1368-) (more)
5. Alan Percy (1372-) (more)
4. Ralph Neville (c1332-c1380)
4. Euphemia Neville (c1334-1363)
4. Robert Neville (c1337-)
4. William Neville (c1338-c1391)
4. Eleanor Neville (c1340)
4. Catherine Neville (c1330-1361)
4. Alexander Neville (c1340-1392)
4. Elizabeth Neville (c1343-)
4. Isabel Neville (c1344-)
4. Alice Neville (c1345-)
4. Thomas Neville (c1355-)
3. Eupheme Neville (c1291-?)
3. Alice Neville (c1293-?)
3. Alexander Neville (c1297-1366)
3. John Neville (1299-1333)
3. Mary Neville (c1301-?)
3. William Neville (c1303-?)
3. Margaret Neville (c1305-?)
3. Thomas Neville (c1306-bef1349)
3. Avelina Neville (c1307-?)
2. John de Clavering, 2nd Baron Clavering (c1268-1332)
2. Alan de Clavering (c1270-?)

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