Roelf Ipes Oosterhof (born 11 December 1814 in Grootegast, Groningen)


Roelf Ipes Oosterhof was born in 1814 in Groningen. His parents were Ipe Roelfs Oosterhof and Klaaske Jacobs Kok. He married in 1840 to Aaltje Hendriks Melissen, the daughter if Hendrik Melis Melissen and Catharina Alberts, born on 2 January 1821 in Zuidhorn, Groningen. They had the following children:

  • Klaas Oosterhof (born 10 January 1850)
  • Albert Oosterhof (born 9 April 1853)
  • Klaaske Oosterhof (born 24 August 1856)
  • Klaas Oosterhof (born 1 September 1863)

Roelf died in the Netherlands on an unknown date.

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