Roger Conant (1592-1679)Edit

In 1626, he founded Salem, Massachusetts and was its first governor, but in 1627 he was replaced by John Endicott. He died on November 19, 1679 in Salem, and is today memorialized in statue across from the Salem Common.

Vital statisticsEdit


Son of Roger Conant and Agnes Clark



  • Caleb Conant, b. bef. 1623
  • Sarah Conant, b. abt. 1623
  • Lot Conant, b. abt. 1624; d. 1674 Beverly, Essex Co., MA
  • Joanna Conant, b. abt. 1626
  • Roger Conant, Jr., b. abt. 1628
  • Joshua Conant, b. abt. 1630
  • Mary Conant, b. abt. 1632
  • Exercise Conant, b. 24 Dec 1637 Salem, MA


Founder of Salem, MA Edit

In 1623 he sailed on the ship Anne to the Plymouth Colony with his brother Christopher, his wife, and his son Caleb. In 1624, he removed to Nantasket because he was uncomfortable with the strictness of the Puritans.

Leader of the company of fishermen who founded Salem, Massachusetts (then called Naumkeag) in 1626. He was later supplanted by the governor sent by the Massachusetts Bay Company, John Endicott. He remained in high standing with the community, giving long service as a juror and member of the Board of Selectmen, with duties including the establishment of boundaries for new communities.




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