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Four or more generations of descendants of Rozela di Ivrea (955-c1003) if they are properly linked:
1. Rozela di Ivrea (955-c1003)

2. Baldwin IV of Flanders (980-1036)
3. Baldwin V of Flanders (1012-1067)
4. Baldwin VI of Flanders (c1030-1070)
5. Arnulf of Flanders (?-1071) (more)
5. Baldwin de Hainaut (1056-1098) (more)
5. Agnes of Flanders (c1050-aft1071) (more)
4. Matilda of Flanders (c1031-1083)
5. Robert III, Duke of Normandy (c1051-1134) (more)
5. Richard of Normandy (c1054-1081) (more)
5. Adeliza of Normandy (c1055-1065) (more)
5. Cecilia of Normandy (c1055-1126) (more)
5. William II of England (c1056-1100) (more)
5. Adela of Normandy (c1062-1138) (more)
5. Agatha of Normandy (c1064-c1079) (more)
5. Constance of Normandy (c1066-1090) (more)
5. Henry I of England (1068-1135) (more)
4. Robert I of Flanders (c1032-1093)
5. Robert II of Flanders (c1065-1111) (more)
5. Adela of Flanders (?-1115) (more)
5. Gertrude of Flanders (1080-1117) (more)
5. Philip van Loo (aft1065-bef1127) (more)
5. Ogiva de Messines (c1070-c1117) (more)
4. Henry of Flanders (c1035-?)
4. Richard of Flanders (c1050-1105)
5. Hugo Forester (?-1121) (more)
3. Ermengarde of Flanders (c1005-)
4. Ralph van Gent (c1022-)
5. Gilbert van Gent (c1048-1094) (more)
5. Zoon van Gent (c1040-) (more)
5. Boudewijn van Gent (c1050-) (more)
4. Folcard I van Gent (1027-1073)
5. Lambert II van Gent (c1050-c1088) (more)
5. Wenemar van Gent (-aft1031) (more)
5. Alard van Gent (-aft1074) (more)
5. Folcard II van Gent (-aft1031) (more)
5. Stefan van Gent (-1074) (more)
5. Kunigunde van Gent (-aft1074) (more)
5. Odela van Gent (-aft1071) (more)
4. Ringoot I van Gent (c1022-c1069)
5. Ringoot II van Gent (c1045-c1092) (more)
3. Judith of Flanders (1033-1094)
4. Skule Tostisson (c1052-c1097)
5. Asolf of Rein (c1085-c1132) (more)
4. Ketil Tostisson (c1054-c1101)
4. Welf V. von Bayern (c1072-1120)
4. Heinrich IX. von Bayern (1075-1126)
5. Judith von Bayern (c1103-1131) (more)
5. Konrad von Bayern (c1105-1126) (more)
5. Heinrich der Stolze (c1108-1139) (more)
5. Welf VI (1115-1191) (more)
5. Sophie von Bayern (c1117-1145) (more)
5. Wulfhild von Bayern (c1119-c1166) (more)
5. Mathilde von Bayern (c1121-c1168) (more)
5. Adalbert von Bayern (c1123-c1170) (more)
4. Kunizza von Bayern (c1073-1120)
3. Daughter of Flanders (c1030-)
4. Henri de Louvain (-)
4. Regnier II de Louvain (-)
4. Adele de Louvain (-)
4. Mahaut de Louvain (c1060-1112)
5. Elisabeth de Châtillon-sur-Marne (c1080-c1127) (more)
5. Henri I de Châtillon-sur-Marne (c1080-1126) (more)
5. Hugues de Châtillon-sur-Marne (more)
2. Mathilda of Flanders (?-995)

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