Biography Edit

Her father, Josiah Rogers (1760-1841), served in the American Revolutionary War. The widow Ruth Harris applied for Veterans benefits in 1844.

Vital Statistics Edit

Children of Christopher Miller and Ruby Rogers Edit

  1. Emily Miller (1811-1885) - m. James Harris
  2. Elijah C Miller (1812-) - m. Lydia
  3. Sally Miller (1813-)
  4. Sarah Miller (1814-) - m. Ruel Champion (was Ruel previously married to Lucinda Carrier in Susquehanna Co, PA?)
  5. Susanna Miller (1816-1881) -
  6. Hester Ann Miller (1818-1900) - m. Joseph R Swetland
  7. Jacob H Miller (1821-1878) - m. Sarah L Morehouse
  8. Harriet Miller (1823-)
  9. Abigail Miller (1824-)
  10. Josiah Miller (1825-)
  11. Lafayette Miller (1841-) - Mother already died?/ Grandchild?

References Edit

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