b. 9/16/1801 - d. 10/26/1852


Russell Brown Tombstone in the old cemetery at the foot of Brown Mountain in Warren County, TN.


Russell (or Russel) was born in the "Territory of the United States South of the Ohio;" He appears on the Warren County, Tennessee, 1836 Tax List in Civil Dist 5 and on the 1850 Census. An inscription on his tombstone at the Old Brown Cemetery at the foot of Brown Mountain notes: "Died a Member of the Methodist Church."


Father: Absalom Brown (c1778-aft1860)

Mother: Mary Green


Mary Evelyn Dykes (c1810) daughter of Isham Dykes (1773-1871) and Prudence Choate (1782-1862).


  1. Asbury Brown (1830-?)
  2. Hortensia A. Brown (1832-?)
  3. John G. Brown (1835-?)
  4. Julia Ann Brown (1838-?)
  5. Isham S. Brown (1840-?)
  6. Prudence U. Brown (1842-?)
  7. Frances Brown (c1845-?
  8. James Knox Polk Brown (c1845-?)
  9. Thomas J. Brown (1846-?)
  10. Aurena E. Brown (1848-?)

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