Ruth Amanda Naëmi Sjögren was born on July 16 1884 in Ronneby parish, county Blekinge, Sweden as number three of six children.


Karl Magnus Sjögren (1853-1938)
Vilhelmina Judith Amanda Sjögren b. Englander (1855-1943).


Karl Henrik Louis (1880-1966)
Ester Amanda Linnéa (1882-1968
Karl Ivar Rickard (1887-1918)
Nanny Amanda Natalia (1887-1981), Ivar´s twin sister
Karl Hugo Albin (1888-1964)


August 20 1905 in Solna, Stockholm, Sweden to stonemason Karl Aron Karlsson, b. in Solna June 6 1883 (d. in Hägersten parish, Stockholm, April 18 1964). Karl Aron went back to Sweden 1929 and the divorce was declared in 1934.


Ruth Karin Ragnhild, b. in Solna parish, Stockholm, Sweden November 11 1905.
A note in her father´s obituary says that she died in the USA 1929.


Ruth was according to her younger sister Nanny, a bit refrectory against the father, wearing clothes in bright colours which he disliked etc. On January 15 att nearly 20 she left small town Ronneby for Stockholm where she met and married the stonemason Karl Aron Karlsson, born in Solna, Stockholm.
They had a daughter, Ruth Karin Ragnhild, on November 11 1905, born in Solna parish.
In 1910 Karl Aron emigrated to the USA, followed by Ruth and the daughter on December 12 1911, Karl Aron then living at 3 Fontaine Street, Millford, Massachusetts.
Notes in Karl Aron´s swedish obituary 1964 says, that they had separated in 1912 and that the daughter Karin had lived until 1929, when she were found dead in her fathers flat. Also that Ruth had been search for all over the USA with no result.
It is anyhow known from a letter to their father in Sweden, that she met her sister Esther, also living in the USA, in New York on June 12 1918. They had together visited the grave for their brother Ivar, who had been found drowned about a week before.
She was search for with no result in 1938, when the father had died in Sweden and after 5 years she was declared non-existant.


Amanda Englander-Sjögren Ronneby 1925

Ruth´s mother Amanda 1925

Lennarts mormors far Karl Magnus Sjögren, ca 55 år

Ruth´s father at appr. 55