[[Isabella Alleine (>-?)]] is said to be the daughter, or grand daughter of Rev. Joseph Alleine (?-?),

Sources Stateing the RelationEdit

White, 1902:250

What marvel is it that such was their course, since the family record made by Joel Walker of Ohio begins with John Walker of Wigton, and Katherine Rutherford, whose father, the Rev. John Rutherford was nephew to to Rev. Samuel Rutherford, "that sweet saint of the convenant", and his wife Isabel Alleine, the daughter of Rev. Joseph Alleine, the author of "The alarm" in Scotland, following with such other names as Whitfield....

|White, 1902:282 quotes a letter from Margaret Armstrong Walker, written about 1900, stating:

John Walker was said to have been a good and pious man of wonderful strength, and one that stood high in Scotland as a God fearing man of prayer and good deeds, being noted as an unusually brave man. Katherine, his wife, and Isabell Allein, his grandmotherwere said to have been good, pious women.

Several other early sources identify Katherine as the descendant, or near relationship of Rev. Joseph Alleine, but do not identify Isabella by name. E.G. Mcpheeters, 1842 which seems to be the earliest source for this connection.

At least one Rutherford authority (WKR, 1986) identifies Katherine's mother AND grandmother, as related to Rev. Joseph Alleine, but does not give her given name. This appears to be a confusion, and is likely derived from McPheeters, 1842.


There is considerable confusion as to the identity of Katherine Rutherfords mother. The only source besides White, 1902 identifying her by name is Margaret Armstrong Walker, and we know of that statement only because White 1902 quotes her. Some authors identify Isabella as the daughter of Rev. Joseph Alleine. Others identify her as his granddaughter. Some only say that she is a "near relation" to Rev. Joseph. This later equivocation is probably made because Rev. Joseph's will does not mention any children. It is possible that Isabella was an infant at the time of Rev. Joseph's death, and therefore might not have been included in his will. However, in the absence of any primary evidence to support the idea that Isabella was his daughter, I think it unlikely that Isabella could be his daughter. Likewise, in the absence of any evidence that he had ANY children, it is equally unlikely that Isabella could be his granddaughter, as some authors indicate.

In later publications White 1902 concluded that Isabella was descended from one of Rev. Joseph's brothers. The basis for that view is unknown, and no data has been presented publically to support this alternative view. It seems likely that White was driven to this view primarily because Rev. Joseph's will does not support the idea that he had any children at all. Perhaps White felt, based on the evidence presented by McPheeters, 1842 that there was a connection of some sort. McPheeters is ambgious as to how that connection ran....

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