Woodworth, 1942 provides a fascimile of Brown, 1854, and includes additional information about the descendants of Mary Moore, and her Rutherford and Alleine ancestry. The facsimile portions of Woodworths work are very similar to that of the original, with some minor editing and reparagraphing apparent. it is clear that Woodworth had Brown's work re-typeset, and made some minor changes in paragraphing. Whether he introduced additional materials in the body of the text would require a word by word comparison of the two documents. However, the portions of Brown, 1854, that deal with Mary Moore's Walker and Rutherford ancestry appear to be faithfully reproduced in the fasimile portions of Woodwoorth, 1942. Woodworth does, however, add considerable information about Mary Moore's ancestry as an Appendix. Some have identified added material added as having been included in the original Brown, 1854 This is simply not the case. Indeed, the only information provided by Brown, 1854 concerning Mary's connection to the Rutherford family consists of a single statement that she was "a descendant of the Rutherfords of Scotland." The specific relations to Rev. Samuel Rutherford, and to Rev. Joseph Alleine that are presented in Woodworth, 1942, represent Woodworth's work, not that of Brown, 1854. There is no indication that Brown knew anything about his Rutherford-Alleine ancstry beyond the fact that Mary Moore's grandmother was a Rutherford.

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