This was taken from an apparently unpublished manuscript by Rev. Samuel Rutherford Houston. White, 1902 may conceivably be the only surviving trace of this MS, though its possible it has survived and is in the possession of a family member. White does not give a date for the MS. Houston, however, indicates that one of his sources was his mother who at the time he wrote this down was "age 83 years). She is believed to have been born about 1771, making her 83 years of age in 1854. From this we conclude that she must have provided this information to her son just before her death, and that he prepared the MS about this time (1854). Note that this MS is different from the later work by Rev. Samuel Rutherford Houston, published in 1882.

Source: White 1902:150
Rev. Samuel Rutherford Houston, who married Margarete Walker (Jos, John, Alex.), left a record of his Walker relatives, from which much of the famiy history has been learned. The manuscript is in the possession of his son, Judge Wm. P. Houston of Lexington, Va, and was kindly loaned me by him.
Rev. S.R. Houston says in his Mss: The material for the genealogy of the desendants of Alexander (son of John Walker, the emigrant) was obtained from
Rev. R.C. Walker and Elder J.A. Walker, sons of Elder Thomas H. Walker, of New Providence Church;
Dr. Zachariah Walker, of Brownsburg, Va.
Major Alexander B. Stuart, of Rockbridge
my mother, Margaret Walker Houston, age 83 years
Three aged sisters of Col. Archibald B. Walker
W.L. Moore, son of James Moore of Tazewell County, VA (brother of Mary Moore of Raleigh Co Va)
and from a Mss left by Dr. Wm. M McPheeters, of North Carolina.
...I have it from several authentic sources that Rev. Samuel Rutherford, author of Rutherfords Letters, was closely related to Rev. John Rutherford, father of Katherine, who married John Walker.
...I recollect hearing my mother say that her grandfather, John Walker, who was the nephew of John Walker, the emigrant, came from Ireland to America as a sailor and married in Pennsylvania Margaret Culton, the daughter of an Irishman named Joseph Culton....I remember to have seen my great uncle, William Walker, who married Mary Stuart. He was a gunsmith by trade, and I remember that he was lame. His home was on Walkers Creek, two miles above the residence of Thoms H. Walker.

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